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Merlin receives Panasonic's "Golden PTZ Partner" award

merlin panasonic

Latin America. Merlin Distributor was awarded as a " Panasonic Golden PTZ Partner", series number 001, recognizing its work in PTZ camera distribution in Latin America as the biggest global milestone in 2023.

The award was presented as part of the visit made by executives from the headquarters of Panasonic Japan to the corporate facilities of Merlin, its master distributor for Latin America in Brazil, led by Mr. Masatoshi Taniguchi, Senior Executive Director, Media & Entertainment Business Division – ProAV Business Category, Ltd. and Karen Inatome, Sales Manager for Canada and Latin America.

Celebrating this year the 15th Anniversary of Panasonic's line of PTZ cameras, starting the development of these products in 2008 to the present with cameras such as the AW-UE160, AW-UE150, AW-UE100, AW-UE80, AW-UE50/40, AW-UE20/HE20, AW-UE4 or the AW-UR100, this portfolio of the Japanese company has been expanding year after year with great success. It is precisely the territory of Latin America that has marked the greatest interest and investment in this line today.

Commenting on this milestone reached by Merlin Distributor in the region, Mr. Masatoshi Taniguchi, from Panasonic Japan said: "They have undoubtedly contributed significantly to the growth of Panasonic's PTZ camera sales in Latin America this year, which is why we have awarded them as a "GOLDEN PTZ PARTNER", for which I thank Merlin for their work" – also adding in this regard – "The Panasonic do Brasil team, together with their partner Merlin Distributor, they made itinerant presentations in many places in Latin America to promote the benefits of PTZ cameras in the market and this achievement is due to the hard work of the team led by Rodrigo (Costa) and Merlin, which I thank again."

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Karen Inatome of Panasonic Japan said: "Thanks to the very strong relationship between Merlin and Panasonic, PTZ sales for Latin America increased significantly in FY23, for which Panasonic would like to show our appreciation with the Golden PTZ award to our partner Merlin." – highlighting the fundamental role in this achievement that the Japanese company's operation in Latin America also had: "Panasonic do Brasil was able to offer and receive a great collaboration and support with Merlin. This year, Panasonic do Brasil members were able to visit more customers face-to-face and had more opportunities to attend the Road Shows organized by the partners in the region, where Panasonic do Brasil was able to show strong relationships with Panasonic's business partners and customers, gaining more trust from our customers."

Rodrigo Costa, Panasonic's Sales Manager, who is in charge of the company's successful operation in Latin America said: "We are very happy for the award received from Golden PTZ from all over the world, serial number of the award is 001, he was the first distributor to receive this award from the hands of Mr Taniguchi, and this is a recognition for everything they have done for the development of Panasonic PTZ cameras in these 15 years that will be celebrated in 2023. I must say that in particular this year has been a very spectacular year for us, Panasonic has sold a lot, we have broken all records for sales of PTZ cameras, seeing that in all the countries in which we have done roadshows, presentations and demos together with Merlin we had and there are many projects, and this award is the recognition for all this that Merlin Distributor has done for Panasonic to develop the Latin American market".

For Edson Marion, CEO of Merlin Distributor, there are only words left to thank him: "This has been a spectacular year of growth with Panasonic in our operation in Latin America and we are very honored by this important recognition, grateful at the same time also to the entire Panasonic Brazil team and to all our customers in Latin America for their excellent work and commitment to our business. without a doubt, everyone has been part of this achievement obtained by our company" – affirming – "We are prepared and together we will make a difference again in 2024".

Panasonic do Brasil, close to customers in the region
Another key to the success achieved was Panasonic do Brasil's vision of having a presence with all its customers in each country in the region, as it developed throughout this period.

The Sales Manager of Panasonic do Brasil commented: "Without a doubt, we have worked hard in the last year and a half, and we believe that the best way to live and develop our business is to be able to demonstrate our equipment to users. We know that our products are the best on the market, they are not the cheapest, but they are the best, so we are demonstrating it by testing many activities in each country in Latin America, and this makes the difference, adding above all that we are very close to our distributors, who know and know our message that Panasonic is permanently supporting them, being able to count on the most competitive products on the market, and without a doubt these combination of reasons makes the difference".

Zeus Broadcast, a key player in technical support
In addition to the value proposition offered by Panasonic for all its customers, permanently reinforcing its structure for pre and post sales for the entire region, with a 3-year warranty on its products and the support it offers for its business partners, during their visit to Brazil, the executives of Panasonic Japan also visited the facilities of Zeus Broadcast, which is the Panasonic Authorized Service Center.

Latin America in Panasonic's Spotlight
Commenting on his vision for the Latin American professional market and the successful presence the brand has achieved in the region, Mr. Masatoshi Taniguchi says: "Panasonic intends to continue collaborating with Merlin Distributor to further expand the video production teams and workflows cultivated and developed in the European and American markets, to the Latin American professional market."

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Regarding the Japanese company's expectations for next year in the region, the head of sales in Latin America, Karen Inatome tells us: "In 2023, we experienced higher sales of PTZ and studio cameras thanks to more opportunities that we got after demonstrating in front of users, so we would like to maintain these high sales for the next few years through strong relationships with all our customers."

"In my vision of our Latin American market, it is a region with a lot of potential, with a lot of desire and a lot of will to continue, as we know with the investment problems that all companies go through, but Panasonic's value proposition is totally clear with reference to what our customers need: Cost reduction and operational efficiency, That is why the way we work, we sell what we sell and we have been successful because we offer what the market needs, period, it is very simple" – said Rodrigo Costa, adding – "I know that we have a lot of work still to do, we see a lot of opportunity in the market, so we will continue in our line further strengthening our entire commercial strategy for next year, with much more strength" – analyzing – "We are much more prepared, the entire Panasonic do Brasil team has much more knowledge of the market now and there is an excellent relationship of trust between Panasonic, Merlin Distributor and our distributors that strengthens us" – concluding – "The challenge is very big, but I am very confident that we are doing a very good job and we are walking on the right path, so I'm sure we'll have an excellent next year in Latin America."

Panasonic PTZ cameras in numbers
Focusing on the numbers and achieved goals set for this year by Panasonic, without a doubt the adoption of PTZ cameras accelerated after the pandemic, it is important to note that in more developed regions, the share of PTZ sales is almost 50% of broadcast sales, so there is still a lot to do, estimating that today in the region ROLA (Rest of Latin America without the markets of Argentina and Brazil) represents approximately 25%, so there is still a lot of room in the market to grow, stating Jorge Gonzalez of Merlin Distributor: "In the ROLA region, Panasonic's share of PTZ camera sales has it as the absolute leader".

Part of this significant market acceptance of this line of cameras is seen in the fact that the expected growth for 2023 compared to the previous year is 175%, highlighting that this important growth that is taking place in the market is framed in the fact that the adoption of the PTZ line as a broadcast solution is here to succeed.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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