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Comfort and convenience, more than a necessity

altThe company Smart Business S.A. advanced an important integration project in the Hatogrande Reservado condominium, a luxury urbanization in Bogotá, Colombia, built by Fénix Construcciones, in this edition we will present the details of this intervention.

By Santiago Jaramillo H.

When Fénix Construcciones, developer of the project, thought about the design of this condominium, he always had in mind to incorporate into the architecture and landscaping of the place the necessary technology that would position this project as the most exclusive in the savannah of Bogotá, in Colombia.

In an attempt to find simplicity of handling, customization, elegance and a system with great integration capacity, we opted for different technological platforms from recognized manufacturers to worldwide that give a true added value to the project.

The integration of lighting, A/V, security, air conditioning and intercom systems with the technological solutions of AMX, Nuvo, Lutron, Amina and General Electric, has made this condominium a reference in the definition of comfort and simplicity.

This integration, which was developed in December 2009, was advanced by Smart Business S.A., under the baton of engineers Daniel Rojas, Carmen Zapata and Carlos Varela.

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Integrated lighting and security control
The model house of the Hatogrande Reservado project has a complete lighting system that controls 63 circuits from 20 different keypads. Through integration with AMX, users can control the lighting system from three recessed screens or from the MVP-5200I wireless display. With AMX, the flexibility of the system is so wide that the house has four additional lighting scenes per room, in addition, it allows the control by schedules of the exterior lighting circuits of gardens and water mirrors.

With the programming developed, the security system is perfectly complemented by the lighting, in this way when a motion sensor of the security system detects presence in the staircase, the area is automatically illuminated, or when an intrusion alarm is generated, the lighting system intermittently activates specific lights that alert the security personnel of the set.

With the navigation through plans and rooms of the house, the user can change the state of any circuit intuitively, achieving the desired scene at all times and places. Turn off the whole house or the first floor when going up to the bedroom, in this project it is a matter of pressing a button.

Integrated audio control
The house has ten stereo audio zones, audio server and AM/FM tuner. From the touch screens of AMX, the user can access the content of his Ipod, select his favorite playlist, raise the volume in the garden and turn off all the audio in the house, of course, always maintaining the fundamental premise of the project, make the complex simple.

Schedule user scenes for the morning or before bedtime, in which audio, A/V equipment and lighting act in harmony, position these homes of the AMX lifestyle. With the incorporation of Amina ceiling recessed speakers, you have a study and the master bathroom with speakers totally imperceptible to the eye. This has been another novelty that shows how technology, good taste and discretion do not have to be distant concepts.

In the intervention, KEF speakers from the Ventura series were also incorporated for the exteriors, so setting the garden is a reality regardless of the weather.

Security, audio and lighting are integrated with AMX screens, one of them wireless with motorized support, these give the user all the possibilities of control. To manage the air conditioning, the View Stat series of AMX give the weather forecast for the next five days, managing to optimize the energy resources of the house.

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All the control equipment is installed in a small cabinet, in this, the Master of control NI-3001 performs the bidirectional control by RS-232 and IP of the audio, security and lighting system. The CONTROL OF THE DVD is done by IR. By means of relays, the inlet bell is operated and through the AX-Link port, you have control of the thermostats that control the valve system that generate the underfloor heating.

Control Details
In the house are installed equipment for lighting control of the reference Homeworks series 8, which controls five local RPM power modules and eight WPM remote power modules, ten-zone distributed audio system and six audio sources of the Essentia series of Nuvo, with 320 G of memory in MP3 content with three independent outputs and dual AM/FM tuner, as well as a docking station for Ipod, which allows the visualization of the meta data on the screens of both Nuvo and AMX.

The integration, temperature control and intercom of AMX, with NXD-430, NXD-500I and MVP-5200I touch screens, also has the latest series of NI-3101 SIG processors and a UPS that protects and gives autonomy for up to two hours to all technological equipment. Along with the screens, there is the possibility of controlling the entire underfloor heating system using AMX's ENV-VST thermostats, which in the future, will give a weather forecast, when the Internet is installed on the property.

For the lighting, a Lutron HomeWorks system with H8P5 processor was implemented to control the power equipment that regulates fluorescent, halogen and incandescent loads, as well as contactors for the hydraulic pumps of the water mirrors. All the control is done bidirectionally, by RS-232i by IP, so that the user on the screen can see the status of the system, that is, that it is on, off and even control your system from the Iphone or connecting to the local network from virtual keypads on the PC.

The technology for the end user turns out to be friendly because of the simplicity of its control, being an intuitive system guarantees that anyone can make use of it without needing to require an expert person by their side, and the mixture of this technology with the nature of the golf courses that surround this exclusive project can be said to be a perfect mix.

Integrated equipment
The Lutron H8P5 processor was integrated with 23 Seetouch buttons with engraving in Designer completion. 8 WPM and 4 RPM that allow the control of 63 circuits.

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Nuvo multiroom system, for six zones with expander for four additional zones, eleven keyboards with LCD screen, wireless docking station, three-zone audio server and 320 Gigabytes capacity, two-output AM/FM tuner. Outdoor speakers from kef Ventura series and invisible speakers in Amina ceiling for master bathroom and studio, rectangular speakers with tweeter.

General Electric Alarm System with three infrared detection sensors, three magnetic embedding sensors, keyboard, siren, battery and interface with bidirectional integration software by serial port.

AMX integration consists of three NXD-430 and NXD-500I recessed touchscreens, a wireless display with MVP-5200I wall docking station, two thermostats and intercom MET-ECOM-D and ENV-VST-C and UPS NXA-UPS1500.

Control from AMX touch screens, recessed and wireless security, lighting, A / V, air conditioning and video intercom.
Control scenes for housing: holiday mode, good night, etc.
Control of ten-zone audio multiroom, audio server and tunner.
Lighting and audio control by navigation in plans.
Visualization of cameras and security in plans from the screens.
Custom user interface.
Control of water mirrors by schedules.
Alarm programmer for key change.
Intercom between screens.
Equipment protection via UPS.

Author: Santiago Jaramillo

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