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Stadium with international seal

altThe new stadium of one of the most emblematic teams of Mexican football, Club Deportivo Guadalajara, also known as the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, will be the stage in which the present success story will be entered, which seeks to present the innovative technology used in the LED screens installed in this sports scenario.

By: Santiago Jaramillo H.

The modernization of sports squares is increasingly surprising, and Latin America is no stranger to this evolution, this has largely occurred due to the injection of private capital and, of course, local governments that have been concerned about having these spaces at the height of the best in the world.

Thus, stadiums such as Omnilife, where Club Deportivo Guadalajara is based, were able to reach the proportions of the first order stadiums in Europe in terms of infrastructure and technology.

Regarding the specifications of the stage, it has 147,000 m2 of land, 330 boxes, 125,000 m2 of construction, 5,000 parking spaces, 70,000 m2 of green areas and more than 45,000 seats.

In the conditioning of the stage intervened the companies Newtek, Lighthouse, Samsung, Sisco, Sony, Boxx and Telecast, and the professionals who were in charge of the works were Guillermo Gutiérrez G. and Fernando Gutiérrez S.

Already in what has to do intrinsically with the issue of screens with which the stage is equipped, Guillermo Gutiérrez, representative of the Omnilife Stadium, points out that "basically the project was oriented to the installation of LED screens combined with a video booth for the transmission of CCTV in the Omnilife stadium this in order to give an extra vision to the fan of what happens on the court and cover the advertising and sponsorship needs that were required."

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The equipment that was installed in the Omnilife Stadium consists of two giant screens of 11.52 meters x 6.72 meters and two markers of the same technology mentioned with a measure of 11.54 m. x 0.96 m. of the Lighthouse brand, model Pi10-ER, each consisting of a LIP-HDI model processor and ProHD image processors.

The signal generated from the cabin has a Newtek Tricaster TCXD850 system, this equipment is responsible for receiving the television signal of the match and in turn two cameras located in the same stadium for signal blocking. The cameras have a portable microwave system Boxx brand, Meridian model, to have greater coverage inside the stadium.

In addition, the stage has an IPtv system within the same cabin for the management of the more than 860 screens distributed in the Omnilife Stadium. (all cabling is handled by fiber optics and all this technology supports Full HD).

As for the motivation of the client to advance the works in the facilities of the Chivas stadium, Guillermo Gutiérrez indicated that "more than an impulse it was handled as basic needs of any property with these characteristics, since it is a fundamental and functional tool for an optimal operation and that every time a fan enters to watch a game, our wish is that you leave with the satisfaction of excellent service."

The end customer, in this case the spectator who attends any type of event that takes place on stage, has the opportunity to enjoy the advantages or benefit since in the same place he has a vision of other angles and promotions that are carried out thanks to the transmission passed on the giant screens and in the more than 860 screens distributed in the stadium.

Regarding the difficulties of the project, Gutiérrez maintains that "there were technical difficulties especially regarding the assemblies, since for logistics the issue of equipment deliveries is a little uncertain and that affected us in the assembly of the equipment to be assembled and more in the case of LED screens, since those were mounted on a metal structure, then a hole for a screw that is moved a centimeter harmed us throughout the assembly. And there was not one, there were several poorly located holes so we had many difficulties for it, but thanks to the people who supported the assembly, what was agreed was achieved without so much delay and a product of very good quality, "he emphasizes.

As for why they chose the technology and brands mentioned for this project, Guillermo Gutiérrez affirms that "this was achieved given that each supplier and each brand made us a project dedicated to the Omnilife Stadium, based on the needs of the same and thus achieving an adequate final project, and the best thing was that the costs were very accessible and that combination was what made us decide for these brands and these teams. very high-tech."

Our guest also emphasized the great satisfaction of the end user in the face of this technology. "We have realized that at the time of an event held here at the Omnilife stadium you feel that the user likes to observe and see on those screens, whether it is the match or the event that is and that shows that this technology is taken advantage of, they enjoy it and that is the satisfaction that the user demonstrates."

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Characteristics of the work
147,000 m2 of land.
330 private boxes for nine, eleven, twelve and thirteen people.
125,000 m2 of construction.
5,000 parking spaces.
70,000 m2 of green areas.
More than 45,000 numbered seats, with perfect visibility to the entire playing field.
208 places for people with different abilities and a companion.

Author: Santiago Jaramillo

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