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Automated studies

Precise tips for tackling an automation process

TVyVideo: What is the best path for studio automation?

Robert C. Johnson: Unfortunately, there is no single way to automate open streaming. The first thing we have learned in the 7 years, during which we have been working, is that the needs of each station are different. Our task as automation vendors is to assess the needs of each company and direct our solutions towards their particular requirements.

TVyV: What types of considerations need to be taken into account before starting an automation project?

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R.J.: It is very important for the company to know exactly what automation can achieve for them. From time to time, we run into customers who simply don't know what to expect from automation and that makes it difficult to determine their needs.

TVyV: What areas of a TV station require automation solutions?

R.J.: The largest single area that is automated today is transmission. The gains from installing automation are important there, especially when coupled with a server system. There are huge gains in terms of reliability, flexibility and distribution of work.

News is also an area where automation is making a lot of progress. For most, news is a fundamental part of how it works and making it more efficient with automation makes a lot of sense.

Broadcast television is increasingly becoming a competitive business and it makes a lot of economic sense to automate its operation, as much as practically possible.

TVyV: What kind of automation solutions do you offer?

R.J.: Sundance Digital currently provides a wide range of automation solutions to the broadcast television industry. Our primary market is transmission automation and we offer products for commercial and program playout management, satellite recording, media management and low-resolution content search.

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We will also be offering a line of news automation products soon.

TVyV: And the budget? Do you have different solutions that fit any budget?

R.J.: Sundance offers products that meet the possibilities of both large and small operators. Our flagship FastBreak Automation product fits the needs of very different size stations and our TimeLiner product is absolutely ready for cable and industrial video automation needs.

TVyV: Is automation the future of television?

R.J.: Automation is the present of a profitable operation of television. Those stations that do not invest in automation will quickly find that the business model has been transformed and that they have been left behind.

TVyV: Could you give us some examples of automated operations in Latin America?

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R.J.: Sundance currently has several systems operating in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. These systems range from small stations to power stations that automate various channels.

TVyV: How do you see this market?

R.J.: We see Latin America as a significant growth market for automation, both broadcast and news. I think we will see station consolidation and a need to decrease operating costs to improve profitability. Of course, all of this will drive the need for automation and I believe Sundance will be in an excellent position to serve the Latin American market.

TVyV: Do you have any decision-making advice regarding automation investments?

R.J.: Determine your needs and your budget. Then talk to an automation vendor you trust.

Some automation systems

PVTV Digital Studio News 16

It is an automation system for production of high performance, low cost and allows its upgrade to the highest quality SYSTEMS STUDIO NEWS of the same company. It is a solution designed specifically for broadcasters and webcasters who do not require a large number of audio and video inputs and outputs but who do need the same automation capabilities as the facilities of large markets. For this reason, it offers an adequate balance between performance and performance characteristics.


It is one of the latest software developments that, in partnership with DayPort CATT devices, captures video from a news broadcast and sends video streams over the Internet. The NewsKing application of the same house makes a permanent follow-up of each script while you select those that you want to send by means of a simple mark on them and the selection of the Send Video to the Web function. Only those elements that have been selected will be sent to the network without commercial breaks and in a few minutes.

Sundance FastBreak Automation

It is an automation solution designed for information management and control of the reproduction of all materials in the master control. It has been conceived for the growth of operations based on video servers and integrates a powerful application for the management of SQL databases with frame precision video servers, tape transport and routers/control switches for complete control over the broadcasting process.

Sundance TimeLiner

It is an economical automation solution that offers flexibility and unparalleled expansion options in scheduled event applications. It is ideal for operations that require precise control over tape transport systems, routing systems, servers, disk recorders and other television peripherals based on a set time schedule. It is a solution that allows growth from a basic configuration of eight devices to the almost unlimited control of a complete array of equipment and output channels. It combines the Server Manager for TimeLiner application and becomes a robust control center for configurations that use video servers as primary devices. The integration of these two solutions is ideal for local cable channel operations, broadcast operations that do not require permanent attention, and educational or business video distribution networks.

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