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Antena Latina: Turnkey virtual solution

Designing a virtual studio for a specific application such as newsrooms or sports programs is a complex task.

Let's see what Dan Devlin of Devlin Design Group (DDG) tells us about the development of a virtual stage system acquired by the Antena Latina station located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

TV&Video:What kind of products does DDG develop?

Dan Devlin: Devlin Design Group (DDG) develops intrepid and innovative designs for the biggest brands in television. Winner of numerous Emmy Awards, DDG offers a complete series of broadcast-friendly design services: news, entertainment, scenarios for sports and programming programs, space planning and our latest service: SoftSet, a virtual content solution.

The creation of SoftSet, an unprecedented library of scenarios for virtual reality, has brought together two powerful components: cutting-edge technology and the best of content in virtual scenarios. SoftSet is a library composed of both each of the sets created by DDG in the last eight years, and new developments in progress. And, in a welcome contrast to the cartoonish character of virtual reality of the past, SoftSet is incredibly realistic. Each scenario is particularized for the brand conception of the station: graphics, logo, identification and market identity.

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In addition to our virtual stage system and studio integration services, we offer a wide range of real set design services such as partial arrangements to complete arrangements for high-impact news and newsrooms, space planning, and lighting and direction packages.

TV&V: Could you describe to us what the process was like and the main issues involved in this particular development?

DD: Basically, a client tells us what they need and we look for ways to meet that need. Antena Latina was looking for a virtual studio that would support the station's positioning, consisting of warm colors and textures. They wanted a versatile stage. Then, we presented them with a selection that reflected what they were looking for.

The main issues involved in decision-making are similar for all TV stations. We give them some elements to study, they give us their impressions about those elements and what minor and major changes they want to make, then we do the geometry, texture and lighting reviews. This process goes on until we all decide on the final concept. And finally, we make the design ready to be implemented in the virtual software .

TV&V: How was the solution developed for Antena Latina? What were their needs?

DD: In a single scenario, Antena Latina will have the appearance of a news room with a counter, a wall of video screens, an interview area, a weather lab and a sports area. They were looking for a solution integrated into a single studio that was completely versatile.

The first thing that was done was to talk to the client and understand their overall needs for the program. Everything was taken into consideration: from aesthetic needs to the blocking of plans. We found that they could use one of our existing developments in the library (which was the main purpose). At the time, we had a good foundation to work on. Then we proposed a color scheme that would pair well with the station's logo. We work shoulder to shoulder in our offices with its coordinator, Anna Maria of BIG (Broadcast International Group). This gave us the possibility to quickly and easily get to the final design. We made the final changes and the client was able to take it home.

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One of the challenges was to install the virtual studio in a very limited space. Basically, there are two walls: one is 15X12 and the other is about 9X12. These were different areas separated by an open space. We really had to work to get some shots blocked so that the stage seemed continuous during the cuts and camera movements. I guess that was one of their main needs. Another need of Antena Latina was that its color scheme be adapted to its logo, recently designed, without resembling its competitors. This involved researching and analyzing the other stations and their marketing strategies. We always strive to achieve a unique and distinct concept. The solution for Antena was to give it a simple vision but with great potential to grow.

TV&V: How do you see the television industry in Latin America? Is there a potential market for this technology?

DD: Based on the increase in business, on the emergence of digital television, privatization, especially in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. We project a great market potential in the Latin American region.

TV&V: Do you expect new projects in this region?

DD: We are working on a possible agreement with BIG (Broadcast International Group) to represent DDG in this region. We therefore expect an increase in the number of projects in the coming years.

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