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Online edition with Axial 3000

The Axial 3000 editing system has become an important choice for professional editors because of the power and controllability it offers in a hybrid station for online video and audio editing.

Maintaining a competitive boundary in the publishing business demands speed, sophistication, power and flexibility. An on-line system continues traditional editing processes offering maximum performance for editing stations that combine linear tape and non-linear hard drive environments in the same operation.

The Axial 3000 system with live video option allows users to edit more intuitively using still and moving images directly on the system screen. Visual editing allows you to make faster, smarter decisions than can be made just by relying on timecode lists.

Graphical timeline

In addition to traditional editing lists (EDLs), this system offers a graphical interface for editing operations. The graphical timeline (GT–Graphical Timeline) presents all EDL information using multiple timelines to display video and audio data. The live video option integrates a storyboard into the graphical timeline (GT) which exposes the images that represent each clip. With the TrimClip function, it is possible to make a precise and immediate cut. Multiple fields or video frames are automatically captured within the system before and after cut marks. This video is immediately available for use by the operator who can select the entry and exit points. By making these marks using the TrimClip function, the hard work of machines and tapes in the search for material is avoided.

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A visual library of clips can be used to automatically capture an initial frame, entry points, duration, notes and any other associated information to maintain a visual reference of each edition.


The first non-linear editing environment for online suites is what the RAVE (Random Access Visual Editing) option represents. It combines the flexibility and control of Axial 3000 with the possibilities of a non-linear system with DDR (Digital Disk Recorder) and integrates directly with your existing linear editing room, controlling VTR's, DDR's, video switchers , audio mixers, DVE's and other peripheral devices. The result is a dynamic environment for previewing, adjusting, and reordering complex editing sequences.

The RAVE timeline can display complex edits, synchronize all devices for real-time playback, or jump through each frame or field at once. Image adjustments are quick and simple through the transition editor that uses two live windows to view and adjust, to and from, video sources. Video clips can be arranged in different sequences without having to re-record absolutely anything.

Speed, control and power

Axial systems feature the lightning Fast Auto-Assembly feature that has become the hallmark of these publishers. Progress is made on the auto-assembly inputs of the machines towards the following editions and the master continues to roll and record without having to stop or resume the entry after each event for as long as the source machines are available and with the indicated input marks. The ability to perform simultaneous tasks offers the ability to perform multiple performance and auto-assemblies at the same time. Users will not be tethered to the system during assembly and can continue to create new edits, add comments, or start another additional assembly.

The control of the devices is done directly by means of a serial protocol RS-422. Additional functions for controlling automatic transitions, key, wipe parameters, mixing levels, DVE registers, TBC settings and routing connections can be easily operated from user menus. A custom adjustment menu appears for each controlled device.

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The system automatically duplicates video and audio material on other devices for the creation of effects. It uses DDR's or VTR's to freely move the source of the material to where it is needed. Although VTRs can be used to temporarily reserve video and audio materials (caching), the performance with disc recorders offers unparalleled speed. For a simple dissolve a source clip is duplicated in a cache recorder designated to allow the dissolution to be performed. In the case of a complex multi-layer effect, one or more sources can be copied temporarily or the full effect can be automatically submastered to a cache recording device. Axial 3000 offers the possibility to store a backup of each of the layers on a disk or tape device in case someone decides to make changes later. All caching operations no matter if they are simple or elaborate, they are handled transparently by the Axial system without the operator's input requirement.

Pre-read Control

Comprehensive pre-read control over A/B transitions and multilayer effects is an integral part of the system. Pre-read control over traditional VTRs and ddr Accom Attaché can be edited per edition or by a range of edits depending on your preference. Your SMPTE Editing Decision List (EDL) system describes the pre-read information for each edit event.

Advanced motion control

This feature provides one of the most powerful options for variable speed effects currently available, ideal for the greatest flexibility in speed changes during edits. Within the features of the system also has the function of precise adjustment per frame in the application of variable speed effects and a wide range of speed control on DDR ́s such as the models of Accom Attaché, WSD and RTD.

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