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Merlin will have an important agenda at the Nab Show

Merlin tendrá importante agenda en Nab Show

NAB. Exhibiting the significant sustained growth that it has been having year after year in the market, Merlin Distributor, official master distributor for Latin America of brands such as Panasonic, Canon, Sony, JVC, AJA Video Systems, Datavideo, Zeiss, Tascam, Telycam, Hedbox, IDX and Sirui, projects a very active participation for the next NAB Show 2024 convention.

The fair, which will take place from April 13 to 17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, expects a strong presence of visitors from Latin America this year, for which Merlin Distributor is preparing a strong agenda of activities with its represented brands as well as meetings with all its resellers, integrators and distributors. as well as with all those who want to join the long list of business partners that the company has in Latin America.

In this way, Merlin Distributor is scheduling meetings to be held at each of the stands of its brands officially represented in Latin America, where they will be able to meet with company executives, thus being able to learn about all the novelties that each of the manufacturers bring to the market, have access to the distribution of the products of the different brands to each country in the region, It will also be the perfect scenario to analyze projects and talk about all the support that the business partners need from the distributor for the year, as it usually works providing its special support.

"We have had a significant growth in sales with all the brands represented by our company for Latin America, adding new awards for our management in the region, with which each year becomes a new challenge to surpass the growth we have already made in the previous year, demonstrating that the business model we maintain for our business partners, with commitment and quality of service is the right one and the one that really works for everyone, manufacturers, and resellers, which has allowed us to maintain having a growing wide network of distributors who fully trust our company," said Edson Marion, CEO of Merlin Distributor.

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As part of this growth to which the CEO of Merlin Distributor refers, for this 2024 and in which it has won awards such as "Distributor of the Year" of its brands, it now adds to its professional audio and video distribution area, its new division that will be in charge of distributing the entire range of products in the A/V market of its represented brands for all of Latin America, opening a new range of products and market, thus expanding its portfolio of products to more markets in the audiovisual industry: "This new market in which we began to distribute products throughout the region is the result of significant and constant growth over the last few years, which our manufacturers have asked us to take our successful distribution business model to other areas of the industry" as he says João Marchiore, CFO of Merlin.

In this way, in 2024 the company needed to further expand its work team for the development of all the business areas it faces, with several incorporations, among which the arrival of renowned industry executives stood out, such as Luz Dary Mora, who has extensive experience in the development of product channels and their management in the areas of technology and technology. the audiovisual industry, in addition to Victor Dupret, Product Manager, who will both be part of the extensive Merlin Distributor team at this NAB Show 2024 together with Jorge González, Latam Account Manager of the company, who explains: "Merlin Distributor seeks to improve its management together with its manufacturers as always, since we have been achieving significant growth year after year. This NAB Show will be fundamental to be able to plan the challenges and new objectives that we will have with our business partners throughout the region, so we are preparing our agenda to be available to all distribution companies in each country in Latin America to be able to work with them, give all the support they need and provide the best support. both in speed of delivery and the economic in the development of your projects, so it is very important that you contact us so that we can include everyone in our agenda for this NAB Show, since we do not want to miss seeing anyone. Our entire team is at your disposal."

AJA VIDEO SYSTEMS: South Hall, booth SL3065
CANON: Central Hall, booths C3825 - C201LMR - C202LMR
DATAVIDEO: Central Hall, booth C4944
HEDBOX: Central Hall, booth C5633
IDX: Central Hall, booth C3632
JVC Professional Video: Central Hall, booth C4720
PANASONIC: Central Hall, booth C3310
SIRUI: Central Hall, booth C7110
SONY: Central Hall, booth C8201
TASCAM: Central Hall, booth C6617
TELYCAM: South Hall Upper, booth SU7029
ZEISS: Central Hall, booth C7312

"We are planning an intense agenda of business meetings for this NAB Show, both with manufacturers to plan the lines of work that we will develop in 2024, and with all the distributors and many others who join our extensive network in each country in the region. Therefore, anyone who wants to meet with our team just needs to request it and one of us will be available to give them the time that each of our partners deserves," remarked Valdiney Marcelino, Commercial Director of Merlin Distributor.

"We want to see everyone at the Las Vegas convention to tell us about their needs and how we can help provide solutions for each of the distributors who work with our company. We know that the success of our business partners is the success of Merlin Distributor, which is why we are always committed to them, faithful to giving them all our support in everything they need, so that together we can continue to grow their business and that of our manufacturers in Latin America," concluded the CEO of Merlin Distribuidor. Edson Marion.

In the photo: Edson Marion, Fernando Marchiore, João Vitor Marchiore and Valdiney Marcelino de Merlin.

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Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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