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Since childhood surrounded by electronics

eduardo de nucci, viditec

"With the cards on the table, you live and work better, you sleep better": Eduardo Jorge de Nucci.

Andrea Ochoa

Eduardo Jorge de Nucci was born in 1961 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Son of Jorge de Nucci, founder of the company Viditec, in which Eduardo developed his career as CEO and in turn, was in which he built a long career in the Broadcast industry and in the area of television channels. Jorge De Nucci became technical and operations manager of Canal 13. In this transfer the option was opened to move to the field of Sony suppliers.

Now, many will ask: where does Eduardo's interest in the industry come from? And although, his father was that engine that drove this interest, the engineer, additionally, tells us that this "tendency to technology arose because all his childhood was spent surrounded by electronic equipment and workshops and welding valves. " My dad worked with valves and a little vocation to pursue a career in electronics came from him."

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However, the story goes far beyond the taste for engineering. This refers to that middle-class family group, to the "neighborhood" where Eduardo played in the streets every afternoon, after arriving from school. He also recalls that he grew up in "a consistent, whole, structured family, with bases (beyond religion – which is important) but with a base of life in which ethics prevail. A family that taught me the relationships between people, affection, respect." Faced with this, he added: "The truth is that I have been privileged or I feel privileged."

And yes, frequently, the life of the adult is marked by his first steps, by childhood and his family. This has also been fundamental for the personal and professional growth of the engineer. Regarding what most marked him in his childhood, he emphasizes that "when I was little my parents taught me by example. And the same thing happened at school, they instilled in me respect for work, responsibility for the work of the other. I learned that you have to work, you have to earn things. The things given away are nice, they are nice, but they do not teach us, they do not allow us to grow."

eduardo de nucciAnd continuing in the line of the family, and years later, Eduardo says that he has been married to his wife for 30 years, with whom he has two children. "They chose difficult fields. One chose music, and the other decided to be an entrepreneur. In my case, I chose an activity that my father was already carrying out, which made it easier for me to take the first steps."

As for his personal challenges, the engineer shares: "I am afraid that what should be fulfilled biologically will not be fulfilled. That is, one expects parents to die before their children, that those rules are not met, that impacts me, that hits me, that destroys me. I find that touching."

Building a professional career, consolidating the human being
As it is read and said on multiple occasions "to be a good professional you have to be a good person" without one it is difficult for the other to happen, so it happens with the vocation to service, to the career that by choice we decide. Vocation is the engine that inspires and moves the exercise of what we do every day.

According to Eduardo, when it came time to define a career, he opted for electronic engineering. In the process of the race he started working in the technical service of Viditec and in support. In fact, that was his first position in the company, when in 1985 he finished his medical school.

At the same time, he remembers with enthusiasm the courses of Sony, which at that time was the main brand that managed Viditec. Faced with this, Eduardo affirms that "in the professional area Sony has a long history of training its channels and its business partners in the technical area". He points out: "Thanks to Sony I was able to learn and I was able to make my first steps in the area of maintenance and technology."

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In relation to this, de Nucci, said: "At that time information transmission and automatic control mechanics were studied and there were control systems, all applied in the field of television. So I always found it very interesting. That's why today my heart goes out to the technical service and engineering area."

The industry is not what it was in Eduardo's beginnings, and technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. Hardware compression and digitization have totally changed the business, but the key to follow is vocation. Because it is the engine that makes you enjoy what you are doing and makes you able to make the extra effort or dedicate the extra time to what you do."

"I am convinced that working well and living in a simple way, with the cards on the table, you live and work better. He sleeps better."

Transformation and reality of the market
According to Eduardo, a few years ago "technologies were limited because they were analog, so there were barriers in terms of the number of channels, the number of satellites. So, from that time until now, this revolutionized the market."

De Nucci added: "At the same time, we went from having three or four important clients, plus correspondents from some channels, to directly having multinational organizations operating in Argentina. This has also been very interesting because it has forced us to grow technologically. And to grow in terms of own capabilities to understand that the requirements are becoming more sophisticated".

eduardo de nucciNow, and taking into account the evolution of the last 10 years, the engineer analyzes that "new technologies were appearing that facilitated and generated the availability of the network, the Internet, the availability of channels, the number of channels, the amount of content. Today, a consumer can have at his disposal for free or with relatively low expenses an almost immediate and unlimited connection to any content."

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The new business models are given today thanks to the tools technologies of the cloud, plus connectivity, added to cloud services and software and video compression techniques, in addition to transmission techniques.

For Eduardo, "our challenge is to see how we insert ourselves into that universe, what role do we take in that universe? The conventional universe, we know it, the universe of hardware, connectivity, satellite system, digital terrestrial transmission, all those universes, we can serve them, we can generate a proposal with value, with technology, with good brands, we can financially support the project. But, this new field we still have to learn with the client and finish identifying our role. We know we want to be, we know we are going to participate, but our role is not as clear as in the conventional business model of technology and on-premise service provider where we are market leaders."

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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