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NAB, the world behind the cameras

altFrom April 14 to 19, 2012 Las Vegas, NV, will be filled again with entertainment and technology at the Covention Center with NAB Show.

By Ana María Restrepo

In a space where development, management and solutions transcend traditional broadcasting and adopt a novel way to deliver content is what the NAB Show has become since its first time in 1923.

With more than 90,000 media and entertainment professionals from 153 countries, 54 delegations and 1,500 exhibitors who were in 2011, this event is the ideal showcase for digital and entertainment media. A number of products, platforms and systems come together these six days to bring television and video and their new ways of transmitting to life.

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For 2012, more than 60 international delegations from Egypt, Vietnam, Peru, Ghana, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, united Kingdom, among others, have already been confirmed. Latvia, Chad, Pakistan and Nepal will also attend the show for the first time. Taking into account previous years, delegations represent 30% of NAB attendees as indicated by Chris Brown, Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations.

NAB will also have the participation of more than 400 international companies which will present state-of-the-art technology and services for attendees and companies in the television and video industry. Most of these companies will exhibit in the international pavilions.

NAB Communities
The exhibitors will be distributed in 10 pavilions in five exhibition spaces. Communities are differentiated by the segment of work, whether it is generation of technology, content, transmission and so on. Exhibitor communities are divided into:
- Acquisition and production: there are products such as cameras, lenses, motion capture accessories, 4K, virtual production, set design, Motion Picture / Film and workflow solutions, among others. In this community will be the pavilions of France, Belgium, Bavaria and Korea.
- Content market: content aggregators, syndicators, studios, content publishers, advertising and commercials, films and documentaries, news/weather/traffic reporting, abbreviated form programming, sports, video games, ect.
- Signaling systems: 4K, digital signage, TV, monitors, projectors, projection screens, ultra HD video screens, etc.
- Distribution and delivery: HDTV, 4G, antennas, transmitters, towers, bandwidth connectivity, IPTV, digital cinema, mobile video, mobile DTV, microwave and RF accessories, cable and header equipment, measurement and testing, telepresence, streaming, WiFi and Wi-Max and others. In this space will also be the pavilion of France and Brazil.
- Administration and systems. This community is made up of digital asset management, storage, IT/Network infrastructure and security, 3G B/S, signal management, integration systems, cloud computing, routers, master control, video/content servers, workflow solutions, among others. Among the guests of this space is the UK pavilion and the international research park.
- Online Video: Interactive television, OTT, content delivery networks, coding, streaming, advertising platforms and VOD, will be in this community.
- Mobile and external media: ENG, SNG, DSNG vehicles and services, mobile production studios, external signaling, power generation and uplink satellites.
- Post-Production: Animation and VFX, editing software and hardware, 3D technologies, motion graphics, character generation, music and sound libraries, subtitles and closed captioning, coding, conversion formats, etc.
- Pro Audio: Audio 5.1, audio editing, mixers, effects, production, post-production, coding, recording, compression technologies.
- Radio: Analog services, digital and streaming technologies, HD radio, antennas, transmitters, towers, automation, master control, news and weather reporting, advertising/sales media, coding, microwave/RF accessories, programming software, signal management, safety net infrastructure and networks, mobile and video and web applications.

As every year, attendees will find a complete academic and commercial component that seeks to bring them closer to the novelties of the industry and train them in the new developments and technologies that change the sector in the blink of an eye.

NAB offers different educational offers for all those who want to train from April 14 to 19 in topics such as broadcast engineering, broadcast management, cloud computing, master's creation, technology, among others. Training in production and post-production will also be carried out.

The Super Session exploring the future of mobile digital television, "Mobile Video and Mobile TV Beyond YouTube" which will be presented by NAB Labs, will offer a glimpse into the future of mobile video and broadcast technologies and broadcasting and the satisfaction of consumers' desire to have multimedia content anywhere, anytime.

This talk will be held in panel mode and will allow panelists to examine various global technologies and potential business models for future use, as well as the analysis of data limits set by wireless and service providers and how broadcasters can leverage their own technologies to their advantage.

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It is also worth mentioning the Cluod Computing conference, which will talk about what this technology means, the benefits it offers for the loading of content, the management and distribution of video and high-quality assets and the cloud-based solutions that professionals need.

Dedication Award
The taste for what is done, the commitment to the industry and the dedication to it are some of the factors that NAB awards annually in the show. Among the 11 recognitions we find companies, leaders, radio stations, personalities, among others.

This year, as every year, the ACE (Awesome Cool Exhibits) awards will be awarded, which are awarded to those exhibitors who have innovated in their booth design and execution. The Best Paper Award honors exceptional writers who published in the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference Proceedings.

The recognitions of the Broadcasting Hall of Fame are made for radio and television personalities, as well as recognized programs that have gained a place in the history of broadcasting. The Core Awards are presented to those leaders who have made contributions to the growth, success and evolution of the global content and entertainment business. The Core Executive.

The Cystal Radio celebrates its silver anniversary (25 years) this 2012 recognizing radio stations that have been committed to serving the community. Crystal Heritag are the awards given to stations that have won the Crystal Awards five times. Wusl-FM in Philadelphia was the first to receive this award.

The NAB Distinguished Service Awards recognize broadcasting professionals who have made a significant contribution to the industry. The Engineering Achievement Awards also seek to honor radio and television leaders who have contributed to the state of the art of broadcast engineering throughout their lives.

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These and others are part of the 11 awards that NAB will present during the six days of the fair.

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