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Good prospects are in sight

altThe 2010 version of Sound:Check Xpo showed a recovery in the industry, marked by the increase in business and the development of new technologies in audio, video and lighting.

By Duván Chaverra A.

The experience in AVI Latin America has taught me to be more observant when I am surrounded by the technology in which our publication specializes and which we investigate every day to be aware of the advances that are presented in the audio, video and lighting industry.

Surely many of our readers also have the same thing happen when they attend a concert of their favorite musical band, because they not only delight in the show led by the interpreter but they are much more detailed with the equipment and technology that the show has: the lights, the sound and the giant screens, which are indispensable elements if you want to make an unforgettable show for the public.

The most recent of this kind of technology was observed during our visit to the 2010 edition of Sound:Chek Xpo, held last April in Mexico City and which brought together the entire industry specialized in music and shows.

AVI LATINOAMÉRICA witnessed how the fair attracted attention for the growth and interest that every day are showing the large manufacturers of equipment such as speakers, microphones, screens, lighting, among other solutions that continue with the aim of expanding the offer in the Latin American market.

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The music industry is very powerful but part of its success is based on the quality of live show it can offer to viewers. It is for this reason that in this article they will know, after interviewing some companies present at the fair, the main advances in the different solutions mentioned and how the acquisition of these equipment has evolved in the region.

Growth of LED solutions
During the tour we saw the growth of LED technology for lighting and giant screens and to talk about it we interviewed Miguel Costa, of the board of directors of Grace Lighting Corporation, who commented that the presence of his company in aimed to present its new products and know the evolution of the industry in the region.

"Latin America is already fully involved in this industry. Mexico was one of the first strongest markets on par with Brazil and Argentina, but now Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Peru are getting more involved, especially since many musicians are demanding this equipment to secure their shows, as well as the public, who also claim this technology. Now what we are doing in the region is to grow in tandem with the customer, to offer finer and more sophisticated technology that has an impact on the general audience."

Another aspect that Costa mentioned has to do with the issue of ecological awareness: "With LED screens you can achieve a lower cost in energy consumption and you also have to take into account the durability of the equipment since it is estimated that the useful life time is between 50 thousand and 100 thousand hours".

Among the equipment that the company exhibited within the show, Costa mentioned the following: "We have outdoor screens and we developed a product such as LED bars that are smaller and allow to make production effects such as circles, stairs and a variety of images. We also bring five-millimeter screens especially for corporate events. We display moving heads, five-watt smart lights with different color beam definition, just like LED lights."

Continuing with the same segment, we spoke with Rafael Anaya, from Production Depot, a company that presented LED curtains for nightclubs and rental companies, who highlighted the importance of this event as a generator of new business.

"We had contact with new companies and some acquaintances with whom we realized that the market is expanding, because they are opening new firms in other regions, especially now with the arrival of LED technology for scenarios, which helps to consume less energy and has as an advantage the use of less cable and less weight during trailers while traveling, which allows many companies to travel to other countries with lighter equipment."

Anaya also highlighted the growth of the industry in Latin America assuring that he has had the experience of working in some Caribbean countries and that his company will seek to enter more into the South American market.

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Innovation in sound
We continued with our journey until we reached the sound industry, where we could see that it is a segment that does not rest on the development of new solutions, for example, Gabriela Galán, from the design services area of Meyer Sound, mexico headquarters, highlighted the product innovation she has observed during the fair.

On the products presented by Meyer Sound, Gabriela mentioned the following: "We present the new linear arrangement system, as well as an array of speakers that can be hung horizontally or vertically; we also brought in a new mid-sized subwoofer, as well as speakers for restaurants, malls and homes. We also exhibited a digital control of four inputs and eight outputs."

On the meaning of this fair for the firm, Gabriela said that "it was quite positive because it was possible to show all the good that is being done in the industry, this motivates people to get more involved in audio, to study more about this technology, to be very professional and to know deeply all the advances of audio".

For his part, Antonio Martínez, ceo of d&b audiotechnik, highlighted the professionalism of the public that attended Sound:Check Xpo 2010: "I think it was a very good fair, especially because we came from a recovery in the economy in Mexico, and the people who attended were more professional than in past years. We achieved contacts with companies from Central America, Colombia and Mexico and that are interested in equipment for rent, that is, everything was very positive because we managed to have contacts with different markets".

Martinez also mentioned some solutions for professional audio that led to the show on this occasion: "We brought the only passive cardiorde subwoofer with a single channel: another of the innovations we showed were the three 21-inch subwoofers in cardiorde mode and we brought the most successful speakers in Broadway musicals."

Finally, the director of this firm mentioned that they will have a new headquarters in Colombia, in order to serve customers in the South American region closer: "As the brand has grown we have constantly received information from the different countries of South America: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and especially Colombia, because Juanes does his tours with this team and that has had a particular impact on the Colombian market."

Author: Santiago Jaramillo

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