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Tailor-made is better

medida-mejor-200x300Each audio project has its particularities, and that is why a successful solution may not have the same results when applied in another installation. Below we will delve into the importance of custom audio systems.

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One of the most important social events for people, regardless of the religion professed, is marriage. That is why the bride and groom go several days in advance with the tailor or dressmaker to make their suits to measure. In the case of the groom, it is determined whether a smoking or a frac is more convenient; whether the color you should wear during the ceremony should be dark or light, and other details such as whether the clothing should be tight or rather loose.

Something similar happens with audio solutions: each project and each client has its own needs, although the enclosures in which the system is going to be installed are similar to each other. This is where custom audio systems (systems that meet all customer expectations) come to play a preponderant role.

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Two experts in the field share with the readers of AVI LATINOAMÉRICA their experiences regarding this topic: from Colombia the guest is Oswaldo Rueda Robles, manager of Yamaki Ltda and from Mexico Óscar Barrientos Peña, head of technical support and instructor for Latin America of Meyer Sound.

When yes and when no

For the guests, a customized audio system is always recommended because, as explained by Barrientos, "all projects have specific needs and challenges, in such a way that custom systems are always designed".

To the above Rueda added that "the needs are different, even if the enclosures are very similar. For example, there are auditoriums very similar in their shape, but the user requires different applications and this makes the sound system more robust or simple than another."

When we talked about the aspects to take into account when installing a good custom audio system, some came to the surface, such as knowledge and experience in the assembly of these solutions, and having quick and timely access to the products that are required for integration. "That is why it is important that the representatives of the different brands in the countries do a good job that includes the existence of products and rapid import of them when required, in addition to publicizing the new equipment to users so that the market is kept up to date," said Rueda.

All this without neglecting the knowledge of the project and having a permanent communication with the user, monitoring and finishing the installation complying with the projected and in the agreed time.

The current situation of the industry

Today the offer of audio equipment is so wide that there is practically a product for any type of project. While there are situations where the needs are very particular, designers also find an ingenious solution to ensure end-user satisfaction. "New technologies have created a wider field of possibilities that are always very well understood by experts. In this sense, designers who set limits cannot survive in such a changing world, true designers do not know the limits," said Barrientos.

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A project that involves a customized audio system, in the first place must have a very active participation of the client since finally it is the one who best knows their needs and the results they expect from the system. In this part the integrator enters to make the recommendations on the equipment that best suits this need, attending to the following recommendation made by Oswaldo Rueda: "The integrator must make the design of the system always thinking that the equipment that will offer have the possibility of expanding, since it is normal that the client once the system has worked wants to add other functions".

In addition to the technical support and the guarantee of the equipment, the integrator must contemplate the practical and functional aspects as emphasized by Barrientos, he must also take care that the aesthetics of the equipment is in accordance with the enclosure.

As far as customers' current demands for these types of systems are concerned, Oswaldo Rueda said that "when it comes to distributed systems, ceiling and wall speakers are usually required (sometimes outdoors). When they are auditoriums, conference rooms or videoconferencing, customers are concerned about shape and size, and in some cases the technical requirements for assembly or installation."

For his part, Óscar Barrientos considers that the current demands of users have to do with SPL, coverage, easy operation and maintenance, reliability in the equipment, compliance with the project and the best possible support and service.

Challenges and success stories

"In this industry you have to have very attentive ears to the needs of the client; this has managed to create the best companies that are ultimately due to their customers and their demands. Other challenges always go in the direction of having better reliability and performance, product invariability over time and offering better care," Barrientos said.

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Rueda considered that in this matter you should have products that are technologically competitive with those of other brands, keep the representatives of each country informed about the latest products, have good communication with distributors to determine if the new equipment meets the demands of the market and design versatile technologies in their performance and with a price that allows to be competitive.

He also said that "one of the most important aspects in Latin America is to support the representatives of each country in all aspects, enforcing the distribution line."

On a success story the representative of Meyer Sound shared that of the National Auditorium in Mexico City, and pointed out that its importance lay in the installation of a new sound system that was brought to a successful conclusion thanks to "the quality of technical support and speed of reaction when the customer needed it, coupled with the best product and system design, as well as the best monitoring of compliance with the project".

Oswaldo Rueda mentioned the installation that will be carried out in the Andrés Carne de Res restaurant in the city of Bogotá, the Colombian capital, in which it was required to handle different music environments and the management by sound zones depending on the floor. In total the user required 8 stereo audio inputs to send them to the different floors and areas. For this, a processor was quoted to handle 16 inputs and 72 outputs for the different zones (in stereo in some places and monophonic in others).

In turn, 111 baffles with different characteristics will be installed that must meet the demands of dance sites, ambient sound, outdoor sound and live performances. For the management of the baffles, 27 amplifiers will be installed, which add up to a total of 62,500 watt RMS in power.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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