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ATVC and CAPER 2001

ATVC 2001 Conference "Networks for the Community" and CAPER 2001 "Broadcast, Cable & Multimedia", two key events of the CATV industry in LA.

For many years the Latin American Cable Television sector and especially the Argentine segment, patiently await the arrival of the month of October, and with it, the realization of the most important event of the cable industry in the region. These are the ATVC academic days, organized by the Argentine Association of Cable Television, in which the most outstanding topics are currently discussed; and the parallel development of the most important exhibition of Equipment and Services for Radio, Television, Cable, Satellite and Multimedia, known as CAPER, which is organized by the Argentine Chamber of Broadcasting Equipment Suppliers.

These two events have managed to consolidate themselves as obligatory sources of information, business center and exhibition of new products and services, positioning themselves as significant events for companies every year. This time, the event will be held on October 22, 23, 24 and 25 at the Costa Salguero Center in the city of Buenos Aires, where the ATVC Awards 2001 will also be held, which reach their ninth edition.

The main attraction offered by these events to companies are the great opportunities to see and exhibit new products and developments, make business contacts and get strategic allies, choose future suppliers and distributors, find and analyze new customers, evaluate and compare new technologies, learn and discuss with experts about their experiences, and testing national and international strategies, among other options.

Although for this year the exhibition will have essentially the same structure and size, to date 80% of the exhibition spaces are sold and around 80 companies among which are Barconet, CommScope, LAPTV, Motorola, Scientific Atlanta, TVMAS and Viaccess, have confirmed their participation. You can find among the companies that will exhibit their products and services, companies that create and provide programming, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of equipment for standard and broadband television, companies receiving and transmitting satellite signal, companies of services such as internet, electronic commerce and cable telephony, official bodies, financial and educational institutions, among others. The sample of equipment and services will be held between October 23 and 25 in halls 1 and 2 of the Costa Salguero Center, from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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For this year ATVC offers improvements in the operation of the event with the creation of an Exhibitor Service Center, which will operate in Hall # 2, where professionals from different areas such as infrastructure, electricity, audio and video, will respond to all the concerns of the exhibitors from the first day of assembly. On the other hand, for CAPER 2001, the height of the exhibition shelves was generalized to 4 meters high, giving the possibility to exhibitors to better develop their creativity in the decoration of their spaces.

As in previous years, admission to the conferences and exhibition will be free by invitation, and closed to the general public. To obtain a ticket, the exhibiting companies and those interested in the conferences, had to fill out an application form that is sent to the Executive Committee of the event, which approves or not, the entry of the people according to their agreement with the objectives of the event.

The Academic Sessions will be held from October 22 to 25 in the Auditorium of the Costa Salguero Center. There will be technical workshops developed by the North American Society of Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and sponsored by Multichannel News International, on the 22nd and 23rd, and which will deal among other topics with the management of broadband networks and new services. Additionally, during these two days the academic sessions will be developed to discuss technical novelties. The 24th will be allocated to the current regulatory framework, which will be the subject of an in-depth analysis by prominent speakers within a panel, while PROMAX & BDA, the most important association of marketing, advertising, promotion and services creatives, will provide the latest for this segment within a second working panel. To end on the 25th, the special Sessions Cable & Education will be held, aimed at the presentation of Cable Television as an educational resource headed by the well-known professor Claudio Etcheverry.

This year, the ATVC appreciates the collaboration within the Conference, of similar organizations that join in the mission of helping and supporting the cable industry in Latin America. In addition to the support of SCTE and PROMAX & BDA, "Networks for the Community" has the support of TAP Latin America and CableLabs in its conferences and exhibitions.

As a great final attraction, this year the Ninth edition of the ATVC Awards will be held, which will be delivered on October 22 at the Avenida Theater in Buenos Aires, which propose as a basic proposal to hold an annual national contest that rewards the best local productions of cable television programs by genres and category and the integration of Latin American countries. As in its previous editions, the awards aim to recognize the work and creativity of filmmakers, producers and cable channels, contribute to the development and dissemination of the best national television productions broadcast by cable channels associated or not to ATVC, integrate the neighboring countries to the annual contest with a special category, promote and facilitate the knowledge and exchange of these productions, and highlight Cable Television as a means of social communication representative of the community where it operates.

The genres that compete in these awards include documentary productions, informative journalism (Noticieros), opinion journalism, educational, sports, general interest, musical, children's, promotional (institutional, public good campaigns) and special category. Within the "specials" genre, a specific genre that has not been produced and broadcast as part of the station's periodic programming is awarded as a unitary program. The "specials" genre covers all the genres exposed above plus fiction, mini-series, shorts and feature films, and includes productions made in national schools and universities of Film, Video and TVé. The genres indicated are awarded in six different categories that are distinguished based on the number of inhabitants of the receiving localities of the cable channels and their respective areas of influence. The categories are distributed as follows: Category 1: from 1 to 16,000 inhabitants, Category 2: from 16,001 to 60,000 inhabitants, Category 3: from 60,001 to 200,000 inhabitants, Category 4: from 200,001 to 900,000 inhabitants and Category 5: from 900,001 inhabitants onwards. The sixth category was destined as a novelty this year, to Latin American countries and, only for this category the inscriptions were extended until August 27, within this all the mentioned genres will also participate.

In this way, ATVC maintains the postulates that from 1993 to date make recognize and reward the effort of cable TV productions that bring information and culture brilliantly to all corners of the region.

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The jury in charge will present the "Domingo Di Nubila Special Prize", in memory of the great journalist, writer and member of the jury, taking into account the thematic characteristics related to the promotion of Coexistence among people. The prize will be awarded to the filmmaker and will consist of written works by Domingo Di Nubila.

This year the ATVC recognizes the contribution in the ATVC 2001 awards of institutions such as Solo Tango, Music Country, Ser-Sat and Microtel Inns, which will accompany the realization of the awards.

It only remains to wait for the short time remaining for the arrival of the event and receive, with the enthusiasm so far expressed, the contributions that each of the participants will make exhaustively to the event and the market. In two months perhaps, when the most significant events of the Conference and CAPER are being resumed, we will see with satisfaction the success of one more congregation of people who, like everyone, expect the good development of the market for the benefit of the inhabitants of the continent, and that they will continue year after year, encouraging the establishment of this type of events.

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