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NAB 99 Products

The latest in innovations presented in Las Vegas, during the celebration of the exhibition of the National Association of Broadcasters, last April.

Silicon Graphics presented at NAB'99 a complete repertoire of HDTV solutions integrated into its traditional products. However, one of the product lines that attracted the most attention was that of Windows NT-based stations. Most of the software vendors associated with SGI presented versions of their applications that work in the Windows environment.

With the launch of the QORE (Quantel Open Render Engine) system, Quantel continues to develop its strategy to connect its products to the world of open platforms. QORE is a development platform for Windows NT that will allow users of Quantel computers to distribute rendering work among multiple computers connected to a network and use plugins designed to run on PCs. QORE was implemented over Java on Quantel, ensuring maximum flexibility and transparency. This system makes it possible to take advantage of the extraordinary performance of Quantel's dedicated hardware for creative work, while opening up the possibility of generating new options for effects and image processing on low-cost stations.

SoftSet is a library of elements for the development of virtual scenography offered by Devlin Design Group. It is a complete collection of 3D models that have been specially designed for this application, and that facilitate the "assembly" of virtual spaces by freeing up the

designers of the tedious work of modeling real objects. Most virtual set system vendors included SoftSet elements in their NAB'99 demonstrations.

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RT-Set presented at NAB'99 an HDTV version of Larus, its three-dimensional virtual scenography system. Among the new features of Version 3 of Larus is the possibility for talent to manipulate virtual objects, which can include moving video. In addition, support for portable camera tracking systems was improved and a 3D character generation module was included. Another interesting feature of Larus is the use of "templates", a collection of settings that make it easy to use the same system for different types of programs. RT-Set also presented a new version of Ibis, its 2D virtual scenography system and announced the launch of a new line of character generators.

Evertz Microsystems presented at NAB'99 a new logo insertion system for HDTV applications. The HD9525LG system can handle static or motion logos, and has the ability to handle multiple animated sequences simultaneously. The device has the possibility of storing up to 50 logos of 1/16 screen, and can be controlled both from the front panel and from an automation system. It also includes an application for Windows 95 that makes it easy to copy logos and configure the computer.

Sachtler presented at NAB'99 a tripod with truly professional features for users of lightweight digital camcorders . The DV 4 XD is designed to support cameras up to 6Kg. , which allows you to handle most small cameras without any inconvenience, even if they are equipped with additional lights or batteries. The most important feature of this tripod is that its head offers just the right resistance to achieve smooth movements with the lightest cameras, which is almost impossible with conventional fluid heads.

Computer Modules Inc.'s MPEG-Shuttle system is a solution for encoding and transmitting MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 digital video streams in studio applications or links that require a simple system for moving audio and video over direct connections or the telephone network. MPEG-Shuttle receives and encodes analog or digital signals and converts them into MPEG streams up to 15 Mbps that can be transmitted over T1/E1 or T3/E3 lines with excellent results. In its basic configuration the Shuttle operates as a "black box" that allows to solve STL links with the greatest ease, although it is also possible to configure it as a full-duplex system to be able to handle remote applications of greater complexity.

Videotek demonstrated at NAB'99 its new color corrector for D1 signals with automatic functions of "legalization" of signals. The SDC-831 operates directly on SDI signals, and ensures completely transparent processing thanks to its 16-bit 4:4:4 architecture. In addition to offering a full range of dedicated color correction functions, the SDC-831's control panel allows you to memorize up to 100 different settings, which can be selected based on timecode data. The functions of automatic balance and legalization of levels allow to ensure the conversion to analog signals with optimal levels. Precise adjustments can be made using a split-screen mode, and corrections limited by an external key signal can also be made.

Discreet Logic and Sierra Design Labs announced the launch of spark*, an uncompressed HDTV storage solution for fire*, flame* and inferno* image editing and composition systems. spark* uses a Quickframe HD1.5PLUS disc recorder to store 1920x1080 material and transparently convert it into RGB clips in Discreet Logic's own format. HD1.5PLUS recorders are available with storage capacities between 10 and 120 minutes, and their full repertoire of inputs and outputs makes it possible for Discreet Logic's post-production systems to handle video signals of any kind. Spark* users will also be able to take advantage of the ability to use the HD1.5PLUS recorder to simultaneously play multiple ITU601 video streams, which can significantly improve the performance of their equipment.

Additionally, Sierra Design Labs launched at NAB'99 the HD270 recorder, designed to natively handle DTV/HDTV signals without compression, and which can be equipped with an interface to handle signals in sony's HDCAM 1080i format.

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Scientific Atlanta presented at NAB'99 a new line of PowerVU series products specially designed to support DTV applications. The new PowerVU equipment includes coding systems for 4:2:2 HD signals with intelligent solutions for SD signal multiplexing, compact encoders for SNG applications and various signal encryption options. On the other hand, the Power VU IP system was presented, which supports the use of satellite links for the distribution of multimedia content and Internet material.

Fast Multimedia presented at NAB'99 version 2.0 of the DV Master Pro non-linear editing system, which allows you to handle DV material in native format using Windows NT PCs. DV Master Pro 2.0 includes the Speed Razor 4.7 editing package, allowing you to install high-productivity DV systems at very reasonable costs. It also presented new options for the MPEG-2 601 (six-o-one) non-linear editor, including connectivity solutions to integrate it into conventional studios and the 601-PrintDVD option, which allows 601 to be converted into a mastering system for DVD-Video disc content.

Accom Inc. presented at NAB'99 a wide range of new products thanks to the integration of Scitex brands in its catalog. Highlights include the Abekas 6000 MultiFlex DTV Server, a DVCPRO/DVCPRO 50 video server designed specifically for television operations, which can handle up to eight simultaneous channels with a maximum of 40 hours of storage. The Abekas 6000 stands out for its VTR-type interface, which allows its operation from a control panel, without using PCs. This server can also be controlled through automation systems that use the Louth protocol. The architecture of the 6000 follows the traditional parameters of Scitex, so that the video input and output system is a completely independent module that can be replaced transparently if you want to change the format of the system. Abekas hardware is complemented by Accom's powerful material handling software, integrating a very attractive system for those committed to assembling the new DTV transmission operations.

The concept of the Accom Digital Suite was also presented at NAB'99, the result of the integration of the Accom Axial 3000 editors and abekas switchers and DVE units, which constitutes one of the most attractive and powerful offers for the installation of new online editing systems.

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