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Video Duplication: A Growing Business

Video duplication houses are businesses where product quality is paramount.

The business of video duplication, although relatively young, has developed rapidly, given the current conditions where video is a powerful working tool in corporations, businesses and industry in general, which uses it either didactically or in the field of sales.

Music videos, as we well know, are also of great popularity, as well as clubs where thousands of members request their favorite movies and shows. This is the case of Blockbuster Entertainment Group, which began in 1987 with a single warehouse in the United States and is now an international chain with more than five thousand franchises.

Currently there is also a new modality that involves the sale of "packages" of six, eight or more hours with a specific theme, usually television series that have been successful, to which a very attractive packaging is designed and are distributed and marketed directly on television or at points of sale for this type of material.

Duplication houses

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Video duplication houses are characterized by their efficiency; they are businesses where the quality of the product is paramount, whether it is one or a million copies as sometimes happens. Magnatech Corporation is a company that we must highlight not only for its excellence but also for the work philosophy that prevails. In the interview granted for TV & VIDEO Latin America by its vice president of sales Andrew Green, we realized how human beings can work with energy and motivation, because they know that their contribution is valued by the company. "My job is to guide with vision, passion and persistence, to be the architect of change, to inspire my people at all levels, to remove obstacles wherever they arise and to nurture, innovate, nurture, recognize and motivate the people around me," enthused President Hugh Coppen.

It should be noted that this year Magnatech Corporation has obtained a capital of thirty million dollars and already owns two important locations: one in Indianapolis and the other in Fort Lauderdale. At its Florida headquarters it is duplicated with a real-time based copying system with a bank of a thousand computer-monitored recorders for quality control. The tapes have been prepared in advance in a special dustproof room, with the number of minutes required in each specific project. They also offer all the formats to make the necessary conversions because, as we know, the television systems can be NTSC, PAL and SECAM (at the end we include a list of the different countries and the system they use).

Magnatech also has a department that handles the design and elaboration of signage, which can be in one or several inks and of course, has a wide variety of packaging that changes according to the project and needs. Its capacity is very agile and handles an average of thirty thousand copies daily.

Vaughn Communications, whose regional manager is Kenneth R. Cheek, is another very interesting company nationwide, with one of its bases in Tampa, Florida. It handles video, audio and CD-Rom and offers under one roof all the services related to duplication, real-time copying and high speed. It also has all the conversion systems, in order to expand internationally. It has video compression systems and for its final phase of labeling and packaging, it has a graphic department equipped with the latest technology, and available talent, with good support in prepress and printing.

An interesting fact: Vaughn Communications has been listed in the world of finance as one of the best small companies in America.

Accord is another duplication house located in Coconut Grove. Its owner is Max Wyler, who together with his excellent group of collaborators has set himself the task of providing an optimal service to his customers. The masters are reproduced in a bank of 100 recorders in real time, permanently monitored and, in a final phase, each of the copies has a new quality control, in order to ensure a perfect product. They also have a signage service that includes polychromies and a sophisticated and contemporary design, as well as a wide variety of plastic packaging in primary colors and laminated cardboard. Accord has a special master's archive room where the temperature is controlled and fireproof.

Plantation (located north of Miami), is the headquarters that Erik Wayne chose for his company Solid Gold Video (SGV), a video duplication industry that began as a teenager's game in a room of his house and has been growing and conquering customers for more than a decade. Solid Gold Video, has the industrial recording system of the JVC with VR7000 recorders, in addition to a quality control system to offer an efficient service. Its field of action covers any need that exists on the part of its customers, since it also offers production and post-production services with IVC system.

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