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TVyVideo+Radio celebrates its 30th anniversary

TVyVideo+Radio cumple 30 años

For three decades, TVyVideo+Radio magazine has been following the evolution of the broadcast industry in Latin America. The celebration will be throughout the year and the protagonists will be you, our friends in the industry.

Richard Santa

Three decades ago, the broadcast industry was discussing a major technological change, whether it was feasible to move from tape to disc and its benefits when it came to publishing. And precisely this was the central theme analyzed by the first edition of TVyVideo, a publication that was born from the hand of Miguel Garzón as editorial director and CC International Publishing, a corporation made up of Carvajal International and Coast Publishing.

Thus began the story of a publication that for three decades, every two months, has been in charge of bringing to the Latin American broadcast industry the news and analysis of the most recent technological and business developments in an industry that does not stop evolving.

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Such as, for example, the development of digital television, a theme that was central at the time of celebrating its 5th anniversary, or the analysis of the impact of HD when celebrating its 10th anniversary, or the boom of 3D television when the magazine celebrated its 15th anniversary.

At the end of 2010, the magazine reached an important milestone, when it was acquired from the Carvajal Group by Latin Press Inc, a publishing house and organizer of specialized events that edits and publishes the magazine from 2011 until today, headed by Max Jaramillo as President of LatinPress, Verónica Marín as Project Manager, Duván Chaverra as Editorial Chief and Richard Santa as Editor of the publication.

Today the industry talks about IP, 5G, 4K, 8K, multiplatform, TV every where, in a hyper-connected world. And all these advances continue to be analyzed on TVyVideo+Radio.

A digital ecosystem
As technology advances, publishing has done the same. Today TVyVideo+Radio is an ecosystem of print and digital media, which includes the printed magazine that circulates at the most important industry fairs in America, a web portal with constant information, a weekly virtual newsletter that is published on Wednesdays, as well as webinars, e-blast, and other tools that allow technology manufacturers and distributors to inform the industry of their news.

Likewise, the magazine actively participates in the most important events of the broadcast industry, both in the region and in the United States. In the case of the NAB Show, in addition to informing about the news launched in Las Vegas each year, we organized the Fiesta Alegría, a meeting that for 10 years has brought together the Latinos who attend the fair and that every year brings together more and more professionals from the region, in a space to share some time with colleagues and friends and network.

Fairs and congresses
TvyVideo cumple 30 añosIn 2008, the industry in Latin America was going through a crucial moment politically and technologically. Each country analysed the digital television model it was going to adopt. And to support this process, TVyVideo+Radio created Digital Television without Stress, a congress and commercial exhibition in order to provide the necessary tools for the choice of the model. Following this process, in which Colombia chose the European DVB T model, in 2011 the event evolved and adopted a new name, TecnoTelevisión.

2014 marks another important milestone in this story. In Colombia, TecnoTelevisión begins to be held sharing an exhibition floor with TecnoMultimedia, a fair for the integration of audio, video, lighting and professional automation. This expo had started in 2010 in Medellin, Colombia, and was also organized by Latin Press Inc.

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In 2014, ExpoDatanet Andino, a trade fair for structured cabling, data networks and connectivity, was added to the union of these two fairs. During the last few years, these three fairs shared an exhibition floor in Mexico and Colombia and were ahead of the moment we live in today, a technological integration of three industries that previously operated independently and today we see how that gap has been reduced to a minimum.

In this journey, the fair has been evolving, responding to the needs of an industry that lives in constant development and technological changes, which have accelerated in recent years, promoting greater quality, agility, consumption from multiple devices and remote production and editing possibilities, to mention just a few examples.

Responding again to the evolution and needs of the industry, in 2022 IntegraTec was presented, an expo and congress that brings together in the same space the experience and knowledge of what were previously three fairs for three industries that today converge on the same paths: TecnoTelevisión & Radio, TecnoMultimedia and ExpoDatanet.

IntegraTEC is the place that encompasses the industries and sectors that have always been our raison d'être: audio, video and professional lighting for corporate, commercial and residential sectors; digital signage, automation, unified communications, data networks, and production, post-production and transmission of television, video, radio, and for this year the areas of security and data centers will be added. Our focus, as it has been since 2008, remains on integration and integrators.

And as the novelties do not stop, for 2024 TVyVideo+Radio, and its publishing house LatinPress, present LiveTec, a new expo and congress for live events and the entertainment industry, which includes the production and transmission of live events. LiveTec will be held on May 14 and 15 in Miami.

Year-round celebration
We thank all those who have been part of TVyVideo+Radio during these 30 years: journalists, columnists, production team, advertisers. Without the work and support of each of them, this story would not be possible.

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Our anniversary celebration will be held throughout the year, both at the Fiesta Alegría at the NAB Show, as well as at LiveTec in Miami and at IntegraTec Mexico, in addition to other activities that we are preparing to share with all our friends in the industry.

Undoubtedly, these 30 years not only fill us with pride, they make us reiterate our commitment to continue strengthening a platform of printed and digital media and specialized events, which allow us to present the latest technology and business developments in the region's broadcast industry.

Thank you for joining us in these 30 years!

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2009), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de IntegraTec y LiveTec.

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