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Panasonic gathers its Latam distributors in Japan

Edson Marion, Fernando Marchiore, João Vitor Marchiore y Valdiney Marcelino de Merlin.

Latin America. From March 26 to April 1, the main distributors in Latin America will visit the Panasonic factory in Japan and tour the cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, under the coordination of Merlin Distributor, as master distributor of the Japanese company in the region and Panabras.

All are part of the Panasonic Media Entertainment Business Partner Trip Japan to be able to live different Panasonic experiences in Japan, such as a visit to the Panasonic Museum, a tour of its factory, recent success stories, knowing its new technologies and products for the professional market.

Organized in part by Karen Inatome, Toru Mokunaka and Shu Jenching from the Panasonic Connect office in Japan, and coordinating the delegation of distributors from Latin America by Rodrigo Costa and Shinya Sato from Panasonic Brazil, the focus of this tour is on making this meeting the most fruitful for all companies with a view to the future of the business of all participants and Panasonic's commitment to all. its partners in the region.

"The idea of organizing this visit with Latin American partners is linked to the need to generate an approach to the factory and its production process; and at the same time that Panasonic gets an accurate impression about the needs and projects of our regional partners, "said Rodrigo Costa, Sales Manager of Panasonic do Brasil. "There are many distributors in the region who have been working with us for many years, in some they exceed 20, and yet they do not know the factory in Japan. And to understand the size and understand Panasonic's philosophy you need to be there. It will also be a very good opportunity for the factory staff to start getting to know our market in detail, something that is very important to us," he emphasized.

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Among the visitors business partners of Panasonic in Latin America who will be making this tour are, leading it, Edson Marion and Valdiney Marcelino of Merlin Distribuidora of Brazil and Merlin Distributor of the United States, together with the official distributors of the Japanese company: Juan Pablo Noriega Valdez de Lebraz of Mexico, Maria Eugenia Gaitan Garcia of Nice of Mexico, Rene Monte Rosa Sanchez from Carmonte from Mexico, Nicole Schleusner from Inresa from Guatemala, Michael Mejia Moreno from ERA from Colombia, Jesus Hernan Suescun Cortes from VCR Colombia, Oscar Weymar Rosero Lopez from Contact from Colombia, Raul Soriano Denegri from VB from Peru, Felipe Eduardo Rios Diaz from Rios from Chile, Facundo Favelukes from VHL from Argentina, Thiago Rocha Freitas of Delta Provideo in Brazil, Antonio Seiscientos and Hernan Feuillet of PRO A&V of the United States, Hugo Marcelo Mendes Rodrigues of Onprojecoes of Brazil, Fernando Ribeiro de Carvalho of Infoview of Brazil, Billy Graham Goncalvez Neves of Broadmedia of Brazil, Alexis Evangelos Anastasiou of Visual Farm of Brazil, Wilquisom Colombo Vieira Pereira Filho of I9 of Brazil, Jose Francisco Machado Filho from WWT from Brazil and Gustavo Fernandes Bonbonatte from Broadcast Solutions from Brazil.

Each Panasonic distribution company in the region will make a presentation of its company, added to a case study and will specify the focus of its activity, as well as show its plans and business policy for the future, having the opportunity to raise the different requests they have for Panasonic, in order to project a commercial and business development plan together both companies, in addition to seeing first-hand various products and technological solutions of the Japanese brand and that all its business partners can correctly understand their technologies and the reliability of their products, planning a technical and engineering meeting within the framework of their Technology Workshop Meeting, being able to observe exhibitions of Panasonic technological innovations and have meetings and business discussions.

Edson Marion, CEO of Merlin Distributor expresses: "This meeting with our business partners in Latin America at Panasonic's own factory and headquarters, shows the commitment that the brand has with its advanced technologies for our region, in the same way that Merlin Distributor and the Latin American market again achieved a strong increase in Panasonic sales compared to last year, and we are ready to plan a solid roadmap to surpass ourselves with a new sales record for this year." – adding Valdiney Marcelino, commercial director of Merlin: "We will continue with the same expansion policy that we have been developing with our resellers in the region, whose work shows as a result the enormous professionalism, commitment and quality of our official Panasonic distributors throughout Latin America".

March 27: Start the tour in its phase in the city of Osaka, visiting the Panasonic Factory in the city, the MEBD Department of Panasonic Connect and a complete factory tour and visit to the quality control test room

March 28: On the second day they will have a special visit to the Panasonic Museum and the Panasonic factory in Osaka, where this time they will make an Introduction to the participants of new products and technologies.

March 29: New visit to Panasonic's factory and housing in Osaka, where visitors can get introduced to Panasonic customer service, to continue with the GOGH Exhibition and get to know Osaka Castle.

March 30: Already from this day visitors will have arrived in the city of Tokyo, where they will begin their stay with a Tourism plan in Kyoto with Cherry Blossom Trees, Fushimi-inari, Kiyomizudera-temple and Shinkansen Ride from Kyoto to Tokyo.

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March 31: The activities will focus on the Panasonic Center in Tokyo, and will then add visits in the city such as the Asakusa Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree and Akihabara, closing this tour of almost a week of work with a Japanese-style dinner cruise (Yakatabune).

Photo: Edson Marion, Fernando Marchiore, João Vitor Marchiore and Valdiney Marcelino de Merlin.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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