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Work and transcend

Enrique Gutiérrez - Gerente general de Sistemas Digitales

Enrique Gutiérrez can be defined as a family man who has kept up to date, as his main purpose is to work and transcend in a highly changing and diverse industry.

By Iris Montoya Ricaurte

The general manager of Sistemas Digitales is recognized in the Broadcast sector, for his trajectory of several decades, as well as for making his clients, industry peers and collaborators his main allies. But to understand why you've taken this strategy, it's important to know a little more about your life.

Enrique Gutiérrez was born on March 11, 1956 in the Federal District of Mexico, in his family he held the position as the oldest of 4 brothers. He studied primary school at the Colegio Cristóbal Colón and from an early age began to excel in his studies. In high school he was the first generation of his institution and was also part of the first graduates in Vocational 5 of Taxqueña.

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His higher education was done in the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences (UPIICSA) of the National Polytechnic Institute, in Mexico City. From there he graduated with a degree in Industrial Administration.

This man, deeply interested in knowledge, began his working life working in the National System for the Integral Development of the Family, as deputy head of school breakfast distribution. He later became head of the same department. But in 1983 he took a turn of life, he went to live in Guadalajara, to run a small factory in Ocotlán Jalisco.

He explains of his experience in Guadalajara that he was in charge of the distribution of turbines for automatic transmissions and also directed a small Chocolate manufacturing company, finally returning to Mexico City in 1987.

But the return to the capital was marked by great changes. That same year he worked in a company in the middle of production for a few months, but then he went to work at Aeronaves de México, a work experience that was marked because he had to live the bankruptcy, the syndicate and the refoundation of Aeromexico.

Linking to the Broadcast industry

During his time at Aeromexico, Enrique says he was invited to partner in the birth of a new company that would serve the broadcast industry in Mexico. "This is how Sistemas Digitales de Audio y Video was born, on November 22, 1988."

The graduate says that he has been very firm with Sistemas Digitales, a successful project that this year will be 35 years old, and explains that "since 2008 the company only has two partners, being the only one that continues since its foundation".

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Enrique assures that what has helped him most to grow as a professional "has been the day to day, in which I have been able to meet and often collaborate with the most important engineers in the medium. I admire his intelligence and his example, because they have helped us grow as a company, but he has also given me light on how to be a better person" and concludes that he will always be very grateful for the way in which other professionals have opened the doors to him and his company, an exchange in which they have fed back and favored us with their friendship.

Personal and business challenges

In his current challenges and personal life Enrique affirms that his goals are to stay healthy, which makes him practice physical conditioning, walking and meditating. "I'm starting to play golf, although not very serious yet." Now, he also comments that he has several work goals that point to the top, because he wants his company to transcend and last for many years.

"I have many challenges from the point of view of the relationship with colleagues and collaborators, technological innovation, current technological and logistical challenges, staff training and the objectives that must be met in the market."

Enrique Gutiérrez y sus hermanos

The current dynamics of the Broadcast industry in Mexico

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For Enrique, Broadcast "is an industry whose dynamics of evolution are constant and never stop. We are obliged to stay updated and our technical area to keep up to date. Specifically, in the area of sales you must be aware and make inventories move quickly, it is well known that soon and without notice, there are products that appear as discontinued."

But it also highlights some difficulties it faces: "The relatively recent application of the Official Mexican Standards (NOM), affects not only the suppliers of this industry, but also those who, due to their profiles, their business model depends on the import of highly specialized products, since the process to acquire the permits for their import became more complex, A matter that makes the sale of these goods unaffordable, since they are often of high cost, so that their distribution is far from massive. Although generally, these equipment come with international certificates to be operated anywhere in the world, this has not facilitated the process."

Finally, the general manager of Digital Systems points out the heart of this import challenge in his country. "Currently in Mexico several suppliers can import the same product, but each one is obliged to process its own certificate. We hope that our authorities will be sensitized soon and proceed with laws or regulations that give fluidity and ease to these procedures."

Recognition and future of the industry

Enrique believes that if his name sounds in the market this is due to the recognition of our customers "and all people collaborate in our company. We have a well-trained engineering team and an organization that gives special follow-up to each of our activities."

When talking about the evolution that the Broadcast industry has had in his country, Enrique assures that in his more than 33 years of experience with Sistemas Digitales he has been able to verify that Mexico is on par with the most evolved countries in the world, "maybe one day, some company from our country will appear outstanding in the animated series industry".

As for the future of this industry at the level of Latin America, The graduate shared his personal analysis: "Today the industry is completely globalized, we can see content from almost anywhere in the world, streaming giants have emerged capturing a very important part of the audiences and dividing them with open television and those of the pay market. Today companies such as Televisa Univision, are launching ambitious proposals; mainly in Spanish, and that will soon be on par competing worldwide with the main ones of the Industry".

The man behind the company
For Enrique, one of the moments that has marked him the most was when his first and only daughter Gabriela was born, a matter that happened when he lived in Guadalajara. "She was and continues to be a reason for life and improvement, a very hard-working woman who today collaborates in Sistemas Digitales".

On the other hand, one of his main goals was to be able to travel and in that sense he has been able to take it for granted. "My work has allowed me to meet and work collaboratively with different people in different parts of the world. That is, my work has given me the resources to be able to visit different cultures throughout all these years."

Other hobbies of this hard-working father are music and football. While he likes all kinds of genres, he has a special inclination for the Rock of the 60's and early 70's, hence his fondness for bands like Pink Floyd, Ten Years After, Janis Joplin and the Rolling Stones. As for football, he acquired a love for this sport since the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, a date from which he does not overly love any team, but in his words "I continue to suffer with our national team".

Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Author: Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Periodista con amplia experiencia en corrección de estilo y generación de contenidos de valor para el sector especializado - [email protected]

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