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With metaverse, 3D technology revolutionizes creative industry

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Latin America. Undoubtedly, the creative industries have played a fundamental role in the economic reactivation. These include, among others, the sectors of visual arts, entertainment, cultural heritage, art education, design, advertising and fashion.

During the pandemic, these companies and thousands more, found that creating in 3D not only gives them creative freedom, but is also faster, cheaper, scalable, and more sustainable.

Today, after the confinement we know that fortunately the pandemic will not stay forever, but 3D creativity will be and there is no doubt that with it the next generation of creativity begins. Even, the figures show it, only in Latin America this sector produces at least 177,000 million dollars each year and throughout the American continent this figure reaches 1,932,000 million USD, generating about 23.3 million jobs.

Aware of this, Adobe, launches through its Substance 3D collection, a set of interoperable tools and services that support 3D creativity from start to finish of any project and empower creatives to succeed in this graphic representation. In other words, explains Rafael Hidalgo y Terán, Senior Consultant for Digital Media Solutions at Adobe: "Substance 3D provides the cutting-edge technology that veteran 3D artists need, while making the medium accessible to new enthusiasts, as it is an inclusive technology for beginners and those with more experience."

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With this, Adobe demonstrates its evolution and highlights the way in which it has adapted to the needs of economic sectors in the face of the new reality, managing to understand what is setting a trend in the market, such as, for example, the role of the metaverse in this type of technology, which allows real-time coexistence for users in virtual environments.

"In the last 9 months we have experienced 4 revolutionary events. Among these, there is the launch of the Adobe Substance 3D product in June 2021, with which we obtained a constant superior performance especially with companies and SMEs and understood that 3D is a key component of the digital transformation of design and marketing. In addition, we ask ourselves: What is Adobe's game in the metaverse?", emphasizes Hidalgo and Terán.

The above concern is based on the evolution of the Adobe Substance 3D collection, which focuses on materials, 3D models and staging:

Substance 3D Painter: It is the creation application that allows creative professionals to paint 3D textures on models and meshes in real time.
Substance 3D Stager: Intuitive rendering and design tool that allows users to create stylized and photorealistic renderings by composing assets in a 3D scene for creative professionals.
Substance 3D Designer: Enables industry-standard parametric creation, giving users unparalleled artistic control over material creation, image filters, and dynamic geometry.
Substance 3D Sampler: Intuitive creation tool to make materials and lighting for 3D, taking advantage of real-life images.

In addition to these previous tools, Adobe offers the Adobe Substance 3D Assets library, which has countless fundamental elements for the design of any project.

"As is evident, we are innovating because the market is demanding it. Today, all industries are aware of the need to venture into 3D technology, as it allows customizing products that improve the user experience and is very simple to use: the necessary textures and elements are sought, downloaded and then the scenes we want are composed. "

The Senior Consultant for Digital Media Solutions at Adobe adds: "As if that were not enough, we now have Substance 3D Modeler in the beta version that allows you to use the viewer and controls. This tool interprets the spatial information of the physical world, which allows you to sculpt the model as you would in a real workshop. It takes advantage of the natural and dynamic gestures of the artistic flow."

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Eminently, one of the most interesting things about 3D creativity is its versatility, because while many designers now use 3D to create marketing images and product catalogs, it is also possible to create entire immersive worlds in virtual or augmented reality that are purely the product of a person's imagination.

Under this panorama, it can be evidenced the importance that the creative industry represents for the economic reactivation: Currently, around 5 million people are employed within the audiovisual space only in the creative arts industry and generate around $ 5 billion annually. However, UNESCO estimates that this can quadruple to $20 billion per year and 20 million people employed. "Thus, it is essential that the business sector invests in technological tools that contribute to improving internal processes to provide a different experience to the end user," concludes Rafael Hidalgo y Terán of Adobe.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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