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ARRI launches the new ALEXA 35 camera

arri alexa35

Latin America. ARRI's ALEXA 35 is a 4K Super 35 camera that elevates digital cinematography to unprecedented levels. After 12 years ARRI launches a new sensor based on the evolution of the ALEXA family throughout that period, and offers 2.5 stops more dynamic range, better low-light performance and richer colors.

REVEAL, the new color science, takes full advantage of the sensor's image quality, while ARRI textures extend the camera's built-in creativity. Easy handling, robust construction, new accessories and a new total mechanical support system complete the alexa 35 platform.

More dynamic range, contrast and sensitivity
The ALEXA 35 has 17 stops of dynamic range (exposure latitude), much more than any other digital cinema camera. Having 1.5 more stops in high beams and one more stop in shadows than previous ALEXA cameras, while maintaining a natural film-like high beam gradient, will be innovative for filmmakers. Sophisticated suppression of scattered light in the camera and lens mounts ensures that the full range of contrast and character of each lens is captured by the sensor. Together, the increased dynamic range and scattered light control make it easier to handle any lighting situation on set, increase post flexibility and provide the best source for HDR (High Dynamic Range) projects.

REVEAL Color Science
ARRI's conversations with filmmakers as well as a careful review of the imaging process have led to significant improvements in image quality and a faster and easier workflow. REVEAL Color Science is the collective name for a set of new steps in image processing that the ALEXA 35 uses internally and is also available through post-production tools from leading third-party manufacturers for ARRIRAW processing. It includes an improved debayering algorithm for cleaner composition, a new color engine for more accurate color reproduction, a new color space with a larger gamut for faster color grading, new LogC4 coding to contain that increased dynamic range, and new LogC4 LUT tables for improved color fidelity.

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While offering the best of the NEW ALEXA 35 sensor, REVEAL Color Science also has reverse compatibility. The ARRIRAW footage captured by the ALEXA LF and Mini LF cameras can be processed with REVEAL color science, benefiting from many of its advantages. This means that the ALEXA 35 and the large format ARRI cameras can be combined in set and can also share LUT LogC4 in post.

Increased creative control
With its native Super 35 4:3 4K sensor, the ALEXA 35 can be used with a huge variety of existing lenses worldwide – modern and classic, anamorphic and spherical, Super 35 and large format. Filmmakers who want to shoot with ARRI cameras while having to comply with 4K mandates now boast a vastly expanded variety of lens options.

The new ARRI Textures is a unique feature that allows cinematographers to alter the way the camera records images, should they wish. Until now, ALEXA cameras had been pre-programmed with a default texture that determines the amount and character of the image grain and the amount of contrast at different levels of detail, perceived by the viewer as sharpness. For the first time, the ALEXA 35 offers the option to choose from an ARRI texture menu, much like choosing a roll of film.

Easy operation and new range of accessories
The ALEXA 35 is the smallest full-featured ARRI camera yet, containing the features and processing power of a "larger" ALEXA in a Mini size. Film crews will feel intuitively familiar with the simple structure of the camera menu; support for 1TB and 2TB Codex compact drives; and an MVF-2 viewfinder, now with HDR. A new display on the left side ensures quick and easy handling, advanced color matching, pre-recording capability and a number of utilization improvements such as additional user keys. A total of 19 recording formats, incorporating efficient integrated downsampling and anamorphic decompression, allow productions to optimize data rates, resolution and other parameters, based on their individual needs.

Mixed reality and virtual productions will benefit from the camera's ability to record lens metadata across all common standards and produce real-time streaming metadata for ARRI's Live Link metadata plug-in for Unreal Engine.

ARRI has created a new line of custom ALEXA 35 accessories that expand the camera's capabilities and ensure maximum speed and versatility on set. Its tightly integrated electronic accessories offer additional power outputs or extended audio features. A completely new set of mechanical support elements provides flexible options for any shooting situation, which can easily and quickly range from lightweight setup to a complete production setup.

The ALEXA 35 is supported by the full line of ARRI online tools, as well as free standalone apps such as the iPhone/iPad Camera Companion App, the ARRI Reference Tool and the ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder.

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Resistant to temperature, splashes and dust, and designed for future hardware and software upgrades, the ALEXA 35 provides robust and reliable on-set service, a long service life and a safe return on investment.

Richard Santa, RAVT
Author: Richard Santa, RAVT
Periodista de la Universidad de Antioquia (2010), con experiencia en temas sobre tecnología y economía. Editor de las revistas TVyVideo+Radio y AVI Latinoamérica. Coordinador académico de TecnoTelevisión&Radio.

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