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In search of satisfaction came happiness

altWhat seemed like a decision made by impulses and follies of youth meant for Joaquín Darío Gutiérrez a change that defined his life forever, gave meaning to his existence and placed him in the exact place of his passions. Studying graphic design with an emphasis on television was his most extravagant and wise decision.

by María Cecilia Hernández

Joaquín is the manager of the Colombian company Big Video Ltda. which has more than 15 years of experience providing multimedia technology services, closed circuit television, animation, video, lights and sound for various companies, special events, concerts, brand activations and launches.

Its differentiating seal is the quality of the equipment they use: Big Video does not skimp on acquiring the best technology with the clear objective of not disappointing its customers. Perhaps that is why this company is one of the most experienced and recognized in the audio and video market in the country and that is why its manager accompanies us in this edition as Professional of the month.

Working since childhood
This man was born in Bogotá on July 18, 1964 and ten years later he began working.

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He did not reach adolescence when he already solved his work issues: "I began to work in a drugstore and then in a warehouse, at the same time I studied at the Mariano School located in Santandercito, Cundinamarca, but not even being there I wasted my free time, at the time of rest I attended to my classmates in the school store, "recalls the businessman.

Upon graduating from high school he had some experience as a construction worker but soon after was recruited for Compulsory Military Service. "When I left the army I decided to enroll in the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of America. I was only there for six semesters because I felt that it did not fill me with satisfaction," confesses Joaquín.

By tradition, those who decide to study careers such as medicine, law and even some engineering are admired, contrary to what happens with those who make the decision to dedicate themselves to professions such as philosophy, literature, arts, among others.

Close to this last profession is the decision to study Graphic Design, a turning point in the life of our protagonist that may have seemed at the time "a bit crazy and the product of a madness of youth", as he says, but that later would become "the best of determinations", he emphasizes.

This was his world.
Joaquín remembers that from the first moment he felt like a fish in the water in this race. "From the first semesters of college I got involved in small design jobs, marriage filming and institutional video making. How good I felt with each project made it very clear to me that I had made the right decision."

An example of this is told by the manager of Big Video when he remembers that his degree project was awarded by the University. "As a team with Juan Carlos Borrero, a university colleague and my current partner, we made a documentary in the Amazon called Anáneko, with this work we were winners at the Bogotá Film Festival in 1991, in the category of best documentary video."

Subsequently, the businessman and his university colleague Karen Loewy, made an important contact with a group of concert entrepreneurs to propose that for the first time in the history of concerts in Colombia they install a closed circuit television (CCTV) and giant screens to project the show.

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"That business meant the first step towards the creation of our company, we also offered something that had never been seen in the country. However, we worked with rented equipment," says Gutiérrez.

A pioneering and innovative entrepreneur
Later the ideas of Joaquín and his friend Juan Carlos were opened and with them came the possibilities of making them a reality. "We created two companies: Video Acces, which is dedicated to audiovisual post-production and Big Video that is responsible for the rental of video equipment, giant screens and CCTV for events," he explains.

The latter company took its name from the initials of the surnames Borrero and Gutiérrez, the partners.

Thanks to the fact that they were the pioneers in providing this service, they had such demand that the fact of having giant screens became a vital necessity for the image and development of the event.

"The most renowned artists who came to present themselves in Colombia were parading through our screens, so we could capitalize to invest in second-hand equipment. For example, we acquired projectors of 600 lumens, a light power unthinkable for that time, "says Joaquín.

The company managed to position itself as an innovative, creative company that provides state-of-the-art services and equipment. It currently has its own headquarters in Bogotá, fifteen permanent employees and several freelancers among operators, cameramen and assistants.

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"Big Video has multimedia servers, indoor and outdoor LEDs, projection of five thousand to 20 thousand lumens, plasma and LCD Displays from 42'' to 103'', HD cameras and Cine Alta, Full HD mobile television and exclusive products developed by us," says the entrepreneur proudly, adding: "We are venturing into 3D technology. We have made strategic alliances with other companies specializing in production, sound and lighting to offer a complete package."

Insistently Joaquín speaks of the importance for him of the constant training of his staff, "they train permanently to be aware of new technologies; we are members of Infocomm and we are becoming certified. Likewise, we attend two or three specialized fairs a year and thus recognize us as the company that brings the most prestigious brands to the country."

Singleness, cinema and fishing
With almost 20 years of hard work at the forefront of these business projects, the manager of Big Video claims the absence of an organization that groups, regulates and protects entrepreneurs in the audio, video and lighting sector of the country, which allows foreign companies to operate their productions in Colombia without any restriction.

This is the thought of this passionate about audiovisual technology, lover of solitude and cinema, careful of the well-being of his loved ones: two brothers, six nephews and his uncle Naun, 91 years old, from whom he listens to his stories and occurrences of the family past, "I have not married and I do not plan to do it for now," he says.

"My favorite activity is traveling, and if it includes fishing much better. I want to know all of Colombia, so far I think I have traveled 80% of the country. I'm also in golf lessons and I love movies, I go to several festivals and next year I plan to go to the Sundance festival in Utah in the United States," concludes Joaquín.

This is how he planned his life, he decided to do only what made him feel complete and today he lives to the fullest waiting quietly for a future in which he continues to do what he loves.

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