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Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer, Model HF4060

The new Kaltman Creations product allows an exploratory study of the frequency and possible interference in the wireless bands.

By Ken Freeman

Product Review

In our increasingly populous radio frequency environment, we are persistently asked to supply functional wireless systems and are generally led to sub-leases and additional purchases to solve problems with spectrum and frequency availability. This year, at the Infocomm 2007 show, a new product was presented with which information from the radio frequency spectrum can be accessed through the real-time realization of an affordable frequency analysis.

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We have generally relied on a very unscientific process, through which we hunt and guess wireless frequencies. This year, getting ahead of our industrialists, I realized we had a hard time trying to make all of our wireless solutions work as planned, especially for an upcoming show in Boston. We decided to get ahead of ourselves with a scanning system, while also packing more and more wireless channels into our limited spectrum. 

Weekly scanner rentals, as is usually used in New York (on Broadway), are above $1,000, plus the technician who operates them. We needed an affordable solution to handle monumental amounts of wireless. The Spectran HF4060 made it possible for us to bring 140 Mic, Com and IFB wireless channels to the AARP National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, and they operated without any failure.


The Spectran HF4060 covers the frequency range from 10MHz to 6GHz making it possible to visualize all radio frequency activity from 70MHz - 80MHz for listener devices assisted via VHF & UHF, all the way up to 6GHz. At higher frequencies you can visualize radio frequency activity for AMX and Crestron remote wireless control, Wi-Fi, intercom, etc.  Exactly like its counterpart (the HF4040, HF6060 and HF6080 models), the Spectran HF4060 features assignable hot keys for 10 users in order to achieve instant access to frequently used radio frequency bands; in addition, any starting point and frequency stop can be manually entered. 

There is a stimulation dial next to the unit, which positions a cursor on the LCD screen and the position of the cursor is read in dbm both in frequency and level.  By clicking on the dial, it is possible to bring it closer to a high resolution, bring the visualization of the radio frequency activity closer, There are a total number of menu items, such as resolution,  scan time, antenna types, etc., but the faults established by Kaltman Creations (the distributor in the United States) seem to cover all our needs related to Pro Audio, AV.  All these functions, and much more, they are also available through the included PC software.

What I like about it

Anticipating the timing of analog TV discontinuation in February 2009 and the pending public auction of radio frequency for the largest wireless provider, means that the problem of radio frequency congestion will only become more complex over time. Tools like the HF6040 spectrum analyzer will be important to our success and our ability to utilize our current arsenal of wireless equipment and make informed decisions about what to buy in the future.

I have suggested that MSI's growing installation department adopt this device as well, as their needs may far outweigh the need for the rental and boarding department. Apart from manual operation, the Spectran HF6040's USB computer interface and included software allow you to scan a frequency range in advance before starting your first wireless device. I installed the unit the day we made our technical installations and found good spectrum spaces to put our equipment to work, which confirmed much of the pre-production work we had already done; however, I also found that a local station in the Boston area had turned on its DTV transmitter and that none of the usual frequency location location locations had this information documented.

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What would change him?

I would like the system to have a BNC antenna connector, or at least include an SMA to BNC adapter, so that I could connect the unit to an output of a typical receiving antenna distribution system with a wireless microphone. This would allow me to use the analyzer to install the antenna systems to maximize what I need and minimize the background signals.  I would like to be able to create some markers in the software interface so that I could track an important area over time. I would also like to be able to settle in an area to give a detailed look while still doing a sweep of the wider band.


Kaltman Creations' Spectran HF4060 spectrum analyzer has earned a place in my workplace. One of the main challenges for these events was working around radio frequency interference and continuing to offer a flexible presentation solution to our high-profile presenters.  I strongly recommend the HF4060 system for any dynamic, uncontrolled radio frequency environment where you really need your systems to work.

Product Reviewer

Ken Freeman, Technical Sales Manager at Meeting Services Inc.   MSI is a full-service AV device rental provider and system integrator, with over 50 years in business. More than 120 employees call home the 70,000-square-foot warehouse and offices in which they work.  MSI is located in Southern California at: 9220 Activity Road, San Diego, CA, 92126.  Ken can be reached at phone: 858-348-0100, fax: 858-348-0076, and online: Communication with Kaltman Creations LLC can be done by phone: 678-714-2000 and online:


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