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IBC 2001

A selection of some of the products released during IBC 2001.

Thomson Multimedia Broadcast launches LDK 23HS MKII super slow-motion

Thomson Multimedia Broadcast will show the LDK 23HS MKII super slow-motion camera, configured with the most important industry standards and offers as its greatest attraction a fantastic flicker compensation for artificial lights.

Radamec launches UniPED

Radamec will launch UniPED a new robotic mobile system that can be used with remote control systems for camera heads that allow vertical and horizontal panning. This device offers the possibility of making adjustments in almost all camera positions that can be advanced in a studio from different points of elevation. Such elevation can be controlled and adjusted locally or from the remote control system. It supports loads greater than 110 Kg., can load a studio camera system composed of teleprompter, screens and lenses, and provides a stable platform for robotic camera systems. On the other hand, Radamec will present its 436VR Compact Robotic Sensor Head System completely built with electronic sensors.

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Curios launches Worldmap

Curios will demonstrate its Curios WorldMaps software, which is available for Macintosh and PC. This package provides full control over the creation of maps with unique appearance. It also allows you to create animations and images without audio or movement instantly, as well as 3D models ready to export. The package can be customized in its entirety.

EVS Broadcast to Introduce SportNet and CleanEdit

EVS Broadcast Equipment will present a number of applications for live and sporting events. Among the applications that will be demonstrated are SportNet and CleanEdit, technologies that allow the input of material to be encoded with broadcast quality on production servers and on MPEG1 servers in parallel. Very easy to use with timelines based on non-linear editing, it works on any working terminal in common office environments where the MPEG1 server is connected.

Nextream launches MPEG-2 Encoders

Nextream will show its family of ENCODERS MPEG-2 DBE 4100, DBE 4110 for occasional transmissions (DSNG), DBE 4120 economical solution, DBE 4130 for DVB applications and DBE 4140 for local insertion of programs. The Encoder DBE 4110 incorporates QPSk, 8PSK and 16QAM modulation schemes, has an IF, L-Band, etc. output, is compact and compatible with the BISS system (DVB Basic Interoperable Scrambling System). The DBE 4140 is ideal for cable operators who wish to insert digital signals. It is compact and allows local encoding of programs in MPEG-2. Finally, the DBE 4130 becomes the Super Encoder with special hardware that optimizes coding and improves image quality, as it has compensated noise reduction.

Candle spear Argus Spectrum

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Vela will launch its Mpeg-2 Argus Spectrum Encoder that supports simultaneous real-time creation of MPEG-2 (4:2:2 and 4:2:0), MPEG-1, Real G2 and Windows Media formats. It is the first product designed for those who reproduce material for use on the Internet. It is able to encode all 4 formats at the same time reducing time and costs in equipment.

Miranda launches Tango

Miranda introduces Tango. It is a high quality processor with some of the features of its Kaleido system. It allows you to display up to four images, each with very good resolution on a simple computer screen with high resolution (RGBHV). It offers an excellent value for money. It has PAL and NTSC composite ports and analog type Y outputs.

IANIRO launches Luz MiniDV

IANIRO will exhibit its new light for Mini-DV cameras type "on-board" of 6/7.2 V. which will have several spotlights, optional dimmer , and will offer the same robust design of the Aladdin line. It can be used with bulbs of 10W, 20W or 35W maximum in 6/7.2 V., it has an ergonomic and compact NiMh type battery that adheres to the camera without losing mobility.

Editware launches Fast Track VS

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Editware will showcase FastTrack VS, a complete editing solution for use with video servers. Designed for real-time video server editing and playback, it offers a perfect combination of linear and non-linear editing, offering the speed and flexibility of non-linear editing along with the multi-channel capability and high-quality effects of linear systems. It offers the option to use a video switcher , digital effects units and audio mixing as additional. It has a user interface compatible with Windows.

Eyeheight launches PresTX

Eyeheight will unveil the PresTx system based on its Eyeheight Digital geNETics hardware platform. The new presentation switcher can be configured from a simple SDI A/B mixer to a true master insertion control system, simply with the addition of different modules. The equipment is optimized for use in automation systems.

Hamlet throws Protean Digital Window

Hamlet will launch the Protean Digital Window , the first portable solution for measuring and monitoring SDI signals generating audio for productions, links, installation, maintenance and other situations where a broadcast quality unit of measurement is required. It has external reference inputs and SDI, possible remote control and analog audio output in addition to EDH, error data reporting and signal strength.

IBIS launches SprinTx

Integrated Broadcast Information Systems (IBIS) will present its SprinTx sports automation system, one of the most effective solutions for sports news and uses. The equipment easily integrates with servers and newsroom computing systems from all major manufacturers and uses MOS protocols to ensure that the output module can be updated with any transmission programming changes.

QUARTZ launches QMC Master Control

QUARTZ will show its QMC Master Control switcher which includes a range of modular control panels and internal DVE. The equipment occupies only 3UR for two channels and incorporates multiple layers, multiformat audio and stores the logo to allow channeling the identification. The QMC has relay shunts and dual power source units required for use on critical transmission lines.

Pixel Power launches Collage 2

Pixel Power will launch its Collage 2 platform. It is the series that includes Character Generator, 2D animation drawings and enhanced 3D to provide real-time 3D graphics. Simultaneously the signature shows Collage Junior, an input level generator and finished graphics station.

Vi[Z]rt launches Video Engine

Vi[Z]rt will showcase the vi[z] Video Engine that combines the power of vi[z]rt graphics and its direction content with an internal digital disc recorder, all structured in PC architecture. Graphics processing can be mixed with live real-time graphics. It is a complete authoring system for motion graphics, render and repetitions, all based on Windows architecture. On the other hand, the vi[z]rt Sport composed of tools for the transmission of sports, with new graphics creation systems, will be presented.

Wheatstone Corporation Launches BRIDGE 2001

Wheatstone Corporation will launch BRIDGE 2001 Digital Audio Network Router, a practical, compact and economical solution offered to growing studios. Characterized with CAT-5 interlocation or bidirectional fiber optic connectivity, AES switcher , analog and digital inputs and digital outputs, it allows to make the best audio mixes with the most recognized standards worldwide.

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